Anxiety And Depression During Pregnancy!! How To Deal With It

 Anxiety Symptoms during pregnancy

You know when you're pregnant, the last thing you need to be dealing with anxiety and yet, huge number of women deal with exactly that during the pregnancy. That's what we're going to talk about today.  And I'm going to talk to you today about Symptoms of anxiety during pregnancy. 

Anxiety Symptoms

So, whether this is your first baby or your fourth, if your pregnancy was long, hoped for or totally unplanned, no matter the circumstances,there's no denying that there's plenty of things to worry about and stress about when it comes to being pregnant. 

Will you be a good mother?

 Is the baby healthy? 

Are you eating enough?

 how am I going to handle labor? You name it. So, no matter what you may have worried or stressed out before, pregnancy is giving you a whole new set of things to be anxious about.

And on top of all that, 

if you feeling anxious then you start feeling guilty

 "That's just can;t be good for the baby". You don't need me to tell you that anxiety symptoms are pretty normal part of modern life. And pregnancy, even the most long tour. 

pregnancy can be amplifier for anything else in life that you're dealing with. 

Whether that's relationship issues, in-law issues, work stress, financial pressures because parent will tell you that kids caused way more than you ever thought they possibly could until you have one. But there's a difference between everyday worrying, this just got punctuated intermittent stress about specific challenges which is very normal and manageable and severely, intense, overwhelming symptoms of anxiety during pregnancy.

If you're experiencing severe symptoms then you need help and support. 

That might include panic attacks or obsessive thoughts that won't go away, intense fear, heart palpitations, increased in ability to work or focus on daily tasks or frequent feelings of intense overwhelm. If you're feeling that any of that is describing your situation or if you're saying, "Well, it's not that bad, I'm sure other women deal with a lot worse, I'll be okay." In either case, if you're in that conversation at all,
the most important thing I want you to know is ,"It does not have to be this way." You don't have to just tap it out. You deserve help and support and you can still have a happy and yes, even enjoyable pregnancy. Not only that, if you have high anxiety symptoms during pragnancy and you don't get help, you are at a higher risk of experiencing postpartum depression.

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Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Anxiety Symptoms

Can anxiety effect baby's growth and devolepment

Can crying and stress affect unborn baby?

And there's research that shows long term anxiety during pregnancy can negatively affect the baby's growth and development. Now, I almost didn't want to tell you that because I don''t want to give you anything else to feel anxious about. But it's important and we women, sometimes,what we won't do for ourselves, we will do for our kids, right? So that's what it takes to get you to get some support.  whatever works.

Can I take anxiety medication while pregnant?

So, most drugs that are prescribe for anxiety are not very well studied for safety during pregnancy and in general, if you don't have to take a drug during pregnancy, it's best not to.
If your anxiety is really severe, that maybe something you should discuss with your doctor to try define a safe and effective alternative.

But I'm here to talk with you about drug free options and especially about how to clear way and release the real under lying causes of the anxiety rather than trying to manage or mask it.

the most commonly recommended non-medical suggestions dealing with anxiety during pregnancy or any other time are really the basic ones

They're pretty hard to argue with. You know, making sure you're getting at least some level of exercise everyday, getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy. So, avoiding processed food and fastfood. Eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and so forth. I'm sure you could come up with that basic stuffs yourself, right?

It's fundamental and it's very sound advice that we've all heard more times than we could say. I do want to say though that when you are pregnant, it's not always that easy. Insomnia can be a real problem even if you've never suffered it before. And nausea, the plagues most women for atleast some harder of their pregnancies can make that healthy eating thing a nightmare.

And in the early stage of the pregnancy for some women, too much movement triggers the nausea and then later when you're the size of the whale,

How can I divert my mind during pregnancy?

going jogging just made a bad option. So, I'm not saying it's a bad advice, it's such a very good advice but it's not advise that i can give to a pregnant woman with a straight face without first acknowledging that you just may not be able to do some of this things and I get it. So
do your best on the sleeping, the eating,the exercises.

what else can be done to relieve anxiety Symptoms that's safe and effective? Well, And what I can tell you is that your anxiety,whether it's mild or severe debilitating, it didn't come from now here. There are underlying causes for the way you're feeling. ,these underlying causes are common imbalances. . 

Now talk about it relationship to anxiety right now. So, our conscious mind, what we are consciously experiencing right now is just a very top. tip of the ice berg and the vast amount of what's going on with any of us in any given moment is in the subconscious. It's shaping and affecting our experience all the time. But without this, by definition, without us being consciously aware of it. We all have, under the surface, trapped emotional baggage from the past, trapped negative beliefs and negative thoughts about ourselves and about life, about other people. And they're coloring everything we do and see and experience.

How can I calm my anxiety while pregnant?

I'm not saying that these are real underlying causes of that severe anxiety. Not the current circumstances that seemed to be the source of it. But it can be hard to see with our conscious mind because it really, really seems like it's what's happening now that's causing stress and anxiety. Here's an analogy, right? Let' say you put on pair of sunglasses. And the lens has greenish tint to them. Well, you just first put them on, it's really now obvious, it's very noticeable, everything is green now. But after you've had them on for a while,doesn't seem that way anymore, right? Things don't look green anymore, they just look normal and it's just how it is. It's only when you take them off that you kind of realize you've been looking through a lens and the things don't really look that way. So, these trapped emotions and mental energies,they are like that. They are like tinted sunglasses that we've had on for years, maybe our whole lives. And we just don't have any idea that that's what's going on.

So, if you have trapped, stuck emotional energy of panic, let's say, from the sometime in the past when you suffered some kind of trauma. There's nothing wrong with feeling panic by the way, normal, natural human emotion

I'm just saying that it creates problems in our lives and that panic or any other emotion gets stuck and trapped rather than getting processed at the time. Because that it stays with us overtime and if it still there it's like a lens that's going to impact how you experience other people and life in general. So, it's going to affect your health and your emotional state.

So, how we will play out will be a little of different for other people but 

for example, might cause you to feel scared and nervousover little things that other people aren't getting so thrown by. Or they get upset or frightened or really worked up more so than the situation really merits.

It doesn't seem to you like you're over reacting because how you're actually seeing the situation is of colored by that emotional baggage from the past. So without you knowing it, you're not reacting just to what's happening now, you're reacting to what happened in the past. So,

I just want you consider the possibility that your anxiety has very little of anything to do with what's happening now. Even though it really might seem like it does. But maybe it's almost all, you're just getting activated, getting triggered because you have these trapped emotions and other imbalances stuck in your body from the past, okay? So, what we could think of what it is, thesetinted lenses, that maybe you have big thick anxiety glasses on and just things in your life are getting filtered through them if they were get to you. Let's not to make lie that anything that you're dealing in your life that you worried about,

i just want you to consider that that's maybe what's happening. And the reason why you want to consider about that, is that, that's a great news. Because if that's what's happening, that means you don't have to change, you know, your husband or your boss or anything about your situationin order to free yourself from the anxiety symptoms

All you have to do is release the trapped emotions and then you can have these kind of new world of freedom and power to experience your actual life

like the real now in a whole new way. So, if that all makes sense to you, 

 Now you probably wondering how you release that trapped emotional baggage

You might be thinking that it sounds hardor maybe it needs therapy, maybe you have to talk your way through it and analyze it and understand it and you might want to do that. So if that's the case, good news, you don'thave to talk about it in order to clear it. You don't have to say a single word about it. The most common form of emotional baggage takes in our body is what's called trapped emotion. 

So, these trapped emotions are balls of energy that are trapped somewhere in our body and they're resonating at the frequency of that particular emotion. And they're functioning among other things as j that filter that you're experiencing things through. 

The result of having felt that emotions in some particular moment in your life in the past, for some reason, instead of working through it and let it go, it got stuck and so even carrying the weight of that around with you everyday since then. In my experience, it's these trapped emotionally Energy s that are single biggest cause of anxiety. . The other thing you want to know is that once they're gone, they're gone for good. They don't comeback. 

If you found this helpful, please comment below and let me know what was useful about it. I'm here to help.

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