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Enjoy Motherhood:New Mums Are Making

In today's article I want to share some ways for you to enjoy motherhood for new mums. By being more present in the moment and if you don't know mindfulness then, 

The definition of mindfulness 

 For the new mums The definition of  mindfulness is being present in the moment.

 so essentially I'm gonna show you a few ways in which you can use mindfulness to enjoy motherhood .This is something that I'm really passionate about and it's the focus of my blog. 

So without further ado let's get straight on with the article

 The first thing I wanted to say is that part of this journey that, I've been on of being a more mindful parent is to pay attention. To the way that I parent and the things that happen around me. So I'm going to speak from the heart Here. And Feel like a lot of you will understand me. 

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed meaning that so exhausted by these huge demands that my little people have and personally when I get overwhelmed it can go one of two ways .

I either shut down completely or I start blaming the world for my problems. These are overwhelming moments that weal have we all go through in our lives. Are usually the ones when I notice that I’m not enjoying motherhood to the fullest and I catch myself doing things. 

Like talking to my children without even looking at them or kind of huffing and puffing. when I have to like refill the snack bowl for the fifth time in five minutes. So the little things that once gave me joy are actually feeling like a shore. 

The things that made me feel happy and made me laugh are now feeling like the things that I can't keep up with. AND I feel so guilty for being like that, and I want to be better but how when I get to that point. This is how I get out of it start enjoying motherhood again. 

So I have six things that I do that help me be more present in the moment with my children

 It help me enjoy motherhood 

Overwhelmed meaning

The first thing I do is to cancel all my plans 

Now obviously this is not possible every day. But if I'm having a tree overwhelming day that is the first thing that I will do cancel anything that’s unnecessary. And I focus on just having fun with the children. Go out in the garden and run around. That you chase them around the house and all of a sudden I'm in the moment with them and I'm enjoying being their mum instead of being a mums who was in charge of the whole house. And has so many things in their mind I'm simply just being mums. I'm having fun they're having fun so that’s the first way that helps me enjoy the moment and be there for my children. 

The second thing that helps me is to remember how quickly our children grow up 

I mean I can remember not long ago I had to hold my children's head upright for their heads not to fall.And that time is past and they don't need me in that sense anymore. So it's about perspective it's about making you feel like this time. This phase is a dot compared to the whole of their lives bandit won't be long until they don't want us and don't need us all the time .

for everything anymore and that always helps me to enjoy motherhood. That little bit more it's that sort of missing out on those precious years. That go by too quickly. That make me feel like maybe I need to be enjoying this rather than feeling overwhelmed by these. Their needs and you know their demands which are only going to be for such a short space of time. 

Third thing is to wake up before the kids 

And now if you have a newborn baby or very young children or children who don't sleep well at night then you might be looking at me and going no way no chance of that happening. And I know I get you because I was one of those people up until recently I still have a child who does sleep through the night. So I understand being up in the night and feeling like every little second counts of sleep. But I'll tell you with me being a case study of what it's done for me just by waking up 5 minutes 5 10 15minutes before my children. Even if I don't get out of bed if I just lay there in silence. Or if I look at the news on my phone and catch up with whatever Indeed to do plan. The day ahead in the quiet peace does wonders for my mood and/or my brain.  It makes me feel when the kids come into our bedroom in the morning like I want to play with them and cuddle them and kiss them ,because I’ve had that time for myself as much as it was only 5-10 minute.It was time that I had to just process and to breathe and to you know just being me for five minutes so that does wonders for me enjoying that first thing in the morning instead of feeling like they're interrupting my time ,interrupting my sleep. I feel like I really want a cuddle from them and I want to talk to them and you know it just really does great things for my mind a,for my mental health, and for my mood in the morning. I highly recommend it I am aiming to get up - waking up one hour before the kids .And to actually get out of bed and get myself ready and get downstairs. But I'm not quite there yet because I still need a little bit of that extra sleep, but doing the 5 to 15 minutes before the kids really does help me. 

Fourth Thing that helps me might be a little bit odd, but it's just to shake it off physically .

I mean like completely with your body just like shake it all off and get out of an overwhelming mood, and makes you feel lighter. And what I find in that that usually makes my children laugh as well if I'm standing in the kitchen ,and I'm really like stressed and overwhelmed .You know they're asking for loads of things and I'm trying to focus on something that I'm doing. If I just take a deep breath and shake it all off my kids look like what are you doing and they start to laugh it just breaks the bad mode .It breaks that tension in the air and it just makes me feel lighter. So I kind of look at the situation differently , from then onwards and you know it just I don't know it puts a spring in my step . I feel like it helps me enjoy the little moments a little bit more and gets me out of like an overwhelmed mood .

Number five is to establish some boundaries 

 I know that that's really hard when you're a parent. You know boundaries personal space what is that. Waking up with someone put your finger up your nose it's just a normal being a parent isn't it so the word boundaries. For parents is really difficult. But I feel like in order for you to properly enjoy your time with your children and be present in the moment with them. You have to have boundaries you have to have children time mums time or whatever you call  and kids time.  You have to have that time for yourself .

Oviously it depends on what stage of life your children are. If you have very young children it will be incredibly tricky. But finding any time of the day where you can have time for yourself the traditional way of living is always to separate work in life .Hope you know the old saying you don't take your home to workhand. You don't take work home. That is like the ideal work-life balance. So drawing that parallel into parenting if you're constantly in my mode you feel like you have nothing for yourself and it's very quick from there for you to have a mummy burn out, so when you have no boundaries between your time and children, time you're much more likely to take your frustrations out on your children. And to snap at them because obviously you feel like you haven't had chance to do anything. If you haven't had time to do anything in my opinion the best way to set your mind up to enjoy your time with your children. Is to time without your children as harsh as that sounds and as weird as it sounds you need that little reset button. I feel like when I spend a few hours away from my children for whatever reason even if it's for work I come back and I miss them so much. I'm much more likely to want to play with them, and talk to them and interact with them. It literally doesn't have to be long .You can have loose boundaries and adapt it to what your family needs but definitely having some boundaries is for me essential to enjoying your time with your children. 

The last thing that helps me really enjoy motherhood and be present in the moment with my children 

Is to really pay attention to them and really look at them .when was the last time that you watched your children play and watch their little brains working things out. when was the last time that you listened to a whole sentence by looking into their eyes. And fully taking in everything that they're saying and marveling. At how much they know, and how develops their speech is and how they can understand you, and you can understand them. When was the last time that you really paid attention to your children that to me is a very quick way to get out of an overwhelming situation. 

When I just look at my children and I pay attention to them I get so much enjoyment out of doing that. It reminds me of when I had my first child and Had all this time to just sit and stare at her face . I remember her falling asleep in my arms and me lying there and just looking at her face. I would literally like I don't know analyze every little feature of her face .I would look at her nose and her ears and her eyes and I wouldn't know every inch of her face.  That feeling of getting to know your child can kind of wear off. Once they're a little bit older and they're you know moving all the time they don't want to be held ,don't want to be coddled so much and you can kind of lose .Touch with that you know with that part of really paying attention to your children .

So when I remember the time that I used to spend sitting on my sofa with a baby asleep in my arms just paying attention to her I go back and I look at them. My children now and I see everything I see their eyelashes I see you know the little things that they have on their faces the way that their faces light up when something happens. You know the different expressions and everything so that is a really great way for me to enjoy motherhood is to pay attention to my children and watch them closely .

I hope you guys found these tips helpful.

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