Importance Of All The Essential Nutrients, Micronutrients, Folate For Pregnancy diet

Pregnancy diet Including Micronutrients, Folate For All Would be Mums

There are many more aspects of Pregnancy diet to understand,  micronutrients need to be discussed and they play an important role in Pregnancy diet during Pregnancy. Doctors even prescribe supplements during this time. 

Micronutrients, Folate

So would be mums may have some questions

Should we look for them? Or we should be in natural diet? . 

What are Micronutrients ?

The answer is all the Fruits and vegetables are called Micronutrients

Micronutrients, Essential Nutrients, Phytonutrients, Including Folate ,Fibers those we need in larger quantities. And now we will focus on those. 

Those nutrients We need  in smaller quantities.  It doesn't mean they are less important. Essential Nutrients and Micronutrients, Folate are all  the more important in Pregnancy diet during pregnancy. You can see pregnant women consuming iron supplements, calcium supplements Folic supplements. These are prescribed to them. But they are all supplements

Supplements means to fulfill when there is a shortage. 

Supplements are given to fulfill the needs. We should not overlook them in our Pregnancy diet. 

When we talk of iron supplements During pregnancy Blood volume increases by about 25%, because of which We need more iron in the body. So iron plays an important role in our diet 

Source of iron are - Green Leaves, daal, Nuts like walnuts, almonds Seeds like sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds ,Watermelon seeds, Garden cress seeds contains large quantity of iron. They are easily available today. You can iron into your salads. Dates have large quantities of iron. Sugar-free dates are preferred. Figs are recommended Combination of nuts, dry fruits, and seeds. Let me also talk about fruits. This is about Iron in the Pregnancy diet

There is a myth that pomegranate juice contains a lot of iron. 100 grams of pomegranate contains 1.5 milligrams of iron. It is only as much iron as other fruits contain. So there is no need to even if it is expensive. Some women do not like pomegranates but they are forced to eat it. We don't need to do it. 

The second thing about Iron is We need to pay attention to iron absorption. Iron absorption is not very high in vegetarian food So 

We need to increase Vitamin C in our diet. 

Lemon is a good source of vitamin C .So it can be added to food. We can use Amla chutney Tomato has Vitamin C. If we take Vitamin C along with iron in our diet, iron absorption increases. Similarly if we take fermented food Availability of iron increases It is also recommended to fry vegetables in a metal kadai. A little bit of iron then enters our food. The other thing is substances which inhibit iron The iron which is not present in our body .Is Tannin which is present in tea or coffee. It should not be consumed along with our breakfast or meal through coffee or tea. There should be at least a 2 hour gap As it is during pregnancy it is not advisable to drink more than one cup for 1.5 cups of coffee or tea. If we drink tea or coffee along with breakfast or lunch Then the iron present in the food will not get absorbed into the body. It forms a complex substance and so body cannot get the iron. So we should change the practice, and not drink coffee or tea along with food. Instead we can take lime juice. 

Similarly iron supplement and Calcium supplement should not be taken together 

Even then iron absorption doesn't happen. Since they compete with each other for absorption. So we should avoid taking them together. If iron supplement is taken with lime water, then iron absorption increases. So if we take care of these things about Iron, then the deficiencies will reduce And if doctor has recommended supplements Follow the guidelines. If there is any issue in consuming or problem in digesting it, consult your doctor or dietitian. So that you can try a different preparation What will be the consequence if I do not take the recommended supplements? 

Sometimes when we cannot eat it we just ignore it. 

If we talk about hemoglobin or iron deficiency Iron deficiency can have major complications at the time of delivery Because babies brain development is happening at that time. It can lead to low birth babies. Iron is needed for the growth and development of the baby. It is needed for the Placenta and fetus. I don't want to scare anyone Iron deficiency can cause complications. Iron and hemoglobin levels are checked regularly If it is not up to the mark then infusion is given To maintain the required levels of iron. 

Complications can happen if iron levels are not taken care of. 

That is why gynecologist insist on regularly checking iron levels. It is needed for delivery process and baby's growth. 

It is recommended to incorporate all colours in your diet especially during pregnancy. What is the significance? 

We were talking about Micronutrients We spoke about Iron. Calcium is another mineral which is to be consumed through Milk or curd. To talk about vitamins. Fruits and vegetables have several essential vitamins and minerals It is like an option where everything is mixed and available. Different factors of absorption are present. 

Phytonutrient is another important component. 

It means plant nutrient. It is not a nutrient by itself But it has antioxidant like properties. If you look at colours in the plants Red, orange, green They are called phytonutrients They provide immunity. Provide immunity against various diseases including cancer. We call these colours flavonoids, carotenoids, phytoestrogens In Soya and tofu contain several essential nutrients Which provide even on nutrient substances to us Which help us fight illnesses. 

During pregnancy we avoid taking medications. 

And many medicines have side effects. So how can the new mums keep herself strong? That can be climatic changes or changes in food There can be gastrointestinal upsets So if we provide those Micronutrients , essential  nutrients ,Folate to the body Which increases immunity. It protects them from having those kinds of infections also. 

Two things happen In Fruits and Vegetables 

we get vitamins and minerals We call them Micronutrients

Next is phytonutrients which means plant nutrients. 

Eat colours which we call Rainbow diet The more natural colours present in your  pregnancy diet. If you have boiled vegetables you can add broccoli Bell peppers yellow, orange You can add corn and mushroom to it. It becomes a nutrient loaded salad You can have it as a snack in between meals Rather than having just anything like biscuits, we can have all this colourful fruits and vegetables. They boost immunity along with vitamins and minerals including Folate. It normally says 5 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables should be taken. 

The third is fibers including Folate

I mentioned earlier about constipation and indigestion They are very common during pregnancy. If we take enough fruits and vegetables which are loaded with fibers and Folate There will be no constipation so the would be mums can be comfortable throughout the pregnancy. 

With that point of view, fruits and vegetables with colours in it, peel and pulp in it They all loaded with Micronutrients,essential nutrients,Folate . The quantity or the number of servings is important. All this was related to pregnancy diet

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