20 Early And First Sign Of Pregnancy !!

first signs of pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy that sometimes appear even before your big fat positive

Early signs of pregnancy

If you're on you're trying to conceive journey this is for you 

Today I'm talking about 20 pregnancy symptoms early ,and symptoms of pregnancy. If you are on your trying to conceive journey  that you walk away today feeling one step closer to your big fat positive really quickly.  

before we dive on into the 20 first signs of pregnancy I do want to say that this is not meant to be medical advice at all. If you have any specific concerns specific questions relating to your cycle relating to things that you experience please pick up the phone and call your doctor. Thes is again not medical advice okay  

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

so let's hop in  

first early signs of pregnancy is breast changes 

so some of the things you might hear from women that have experienced. They are sore tender tingly, they may feel heavier and fuller and this can actually be one of the very earliest signs of pregnancy. A lot of women say that this might be the first thing that they notice. What happens is your breasts are expanding of preparation for breast feeding and for milk production and another thing is darkening of the areola. Which is the circle around your nipple and then your nipples can also experience some changes too. But some women say that they noticed that their areolas got darker and again this is relating to the body preparing for breast feeding and isn’t that amazing that our bodies prepare so quickly. Breast changes are one of the earliest things that we noticed.

Number two first signs of pregnancy is fatigue/ tiredness 

this symptom occurs due to increased progesterone so progesterone. Actually this is the hormone that helps well one of the many factor sit sustains your pregnancy, it's what helps prepare your uterine lining for pregnancy and progesterone  

I always like to think of it as something that kind of slows everything down and we'll talk about that with other symptoms coming up but with this particular symptom and I think if slowing down I just think it’s being tired 

Number three, first signs of pregnancy is implantation bleeding and cramping 

In your trying to conceive journey basically about 6 to 12 days after ovulation implantation occurs this is when the embryo actually implants itself into your uterine lining and this can cause some spotting and some cramping but this can be the earliest sign. Because if you think about it implantation is kind of what starts the cascade of hormone changes and what can actually lead to these symptoms. You feel and cramping and bleeding relating to implantation can be the very first sign you see  

Number four,  first signs of pregnancy is nausea and vomiting aka morning sickness 

so thesis partly due to the increase in estrogen that you're experiencing and it seems to be linked to HCG. But I really couldn't find any conclusive answer all to why we experience morning sickness. Except for that it just has to do with hormone changes which is what is causing most of these things. But if you start to feel like you're nauseous throughout the day and morning sickness is actually not a really good title for this particular symptom because it happens all day not just in the morning. For me morning sickness didn't start until about week six of pregnancy but some women can experience it as early as four weeks of pregnancy from what I understand  

Number five is a heightened sense of smell 

So some research suggests that this is to help protect women and protect their babies from eating or consuming things that maybe have gone bad things that could be bad for the baby so it's like it's kind of a built-in protection system like for instance .For me I would literally walk into the kitchen and the whole kitchen smelled just I could smell. Everything at once and it smelled horrible to me.I'd open the fridge and I want I vomited actually quite a few times during the first trimester because of opening the fridge which I thought was strange but it's just you have this increased.  

Spidey-sense ability 

to smell if you start to notice like you're smelling things and no one else. is smelling them that might be an early signs of pregnancy 

Number six is food aversions / craving 

This again is due to hormone changes of course you may find that you really really want to eat something that you’ve never craved before or even never had before which is kind of wild or you may find that your most favorite food or drink sounds absolutely repulsive and that’s maybe never happened to you before it's a very strange and sometimes disheartening experience, but if you're looking at it as an early pregnancy sign then it could be like a huge thumbs up. and an exciting thing for me.

 I am obsessed with coffee in my entire first trimester even through the middle of my second trimester. The smell the thought I wanted nothing to do with anything coffee related and .and then I craved egg sandwiches which’s kind of weird pay attention to your cravings and what your body is telling you it wants. And if you feel like it's something totally out of the ordinary that could be an early signs of pregnancy. 

Number seven, first signs of pregnancy is headaches or migraines 

so when you're pregnant your blood volume  circulation increases a lot.Or you suddenly noticed low blood pressure,you obviously experience a sudden increase in hormones .You've got blood flowing like crazy you've got hormones surging and this can lead to these headaches or migraines, but also on the flip side if you're one that typically experiences migraines when you're not pregnant ,and then you notice maybe your migraines have gone away . Some women actually notice a relief from their migraines or headaches so you really just have to know your own body in order to notice this .

I assume if you get really bad headaches you’re definitely going to notice if they stop and then if you don't you're going to notice if you start to get more headaches. But migraines and headaches migraines / headaches can be an early signs of pregnancy.  

Number eight first signs of pregnancy is constipation or bloating 

so we already mentioned progesterone and the way Like to think about it .Is that it slows everything down so this is what contributes to constipation or bloating that you might feel because it's slowing down your digestive system. So you may notice that it's a little bit more difficult to go your stool looks different than usual.. Maybe it's harder and it's a little bit uncomfortable and the bloating if you are one to bloat before you start your period so in like the PMS kind of phase. It may feel very similar to that so one key here is to pay attention to how your clothes feel. If your clothes start to feel a little snug it could be due to bloating from hormones relating to pregnancy so bloating and constipation could be early signs of pregnancy. 

Number nine is mood swings 

You may find that you're crying more than usual .you're very emotional you’re reactive. your hormones are going crazy which can affect your brain’s neurotransmitters, which then affects your mood .You may find that your irritable anxious sad, you may feel actually euphoric so the opposite of that, but you just may notice you're all over the map and all these changes relating to pregnancy are what can cause these mood changes and can be an early signs of pregnancy. 

Number ten is fainting or dizziness 

so decreased blood sugar can actually be the cause of this but another thing is your blood vessels actually dilate ,when you're pregnant so therefore your blood pressure drops and this blood pressure drop could also be the reason why you may feel dizzy .You may feel like faint or like you're going to faint. Basically when you have this if you stand up too fast that can cause you to have these feelings so you just kind of have to take things a little bit slow.  

Number eleven is intuition 

So obviously there isn't like scientific evidence behind this but from women that I've talked to and from my own personal experience ,some women just feel pregnant they feel different I and it may be because of these symptoms you experience. I don't know but especially with my first I just was like you know what I think I'm pregnant .Then just from doing research and again from talking to women sometimes it's just like a gut feeling so I don't know if that's the maternal instinct taking over your intuition. Maybe trying to tell you something because we know more about our bodies .I think that's a very empowering symptom or sign of early pregnancy.

 Number 12 is frequent urination 

 If you find yourself going to the bathroom through the night . if All day you feel like you're in the bathroom just all the time maybe you're at work and you’re like why do I have to stop work every five seconds to go to the bathroom. This could be an early sign of pregnancy. Later on in pregnancy the frequent urination is due to pressure on the bladder from the uterus and from the baby being there. That is not the reason early in pregnancy early in pregnancy it’s because the increase in blood flow that we've talked about. So there's more fluid that the kidneys have to process and therefore it creates more urine.

 Number thirteen is increased gas 

Not a pretty sign but it's the gosh-darn truth it’s pretty much related to like the bloating constipation. So progesterone is kind of slowing everything down and air can get trapped and therefore you experience gas. basically progesterone doesn't just relax the uterus it relaxes all kinds of different things and muscles so that's why progesterone is a huge culprit. handsome of these symptoms but yeah increased gas that could be a early  pregnancy sign.

Number 14 is heartburn 

I'm lucky I haven't really ever had an issue with heartburn in pregnancy. But I do know people that have and I know it ‘sit’s not fun just like we mentioned just a few minutes ago progesterone relaxes everything. So progesterone in early pregnancy and throughout pregnancy it can relax the valve between your stomach and esophagus and therefore just leading to heartburn so that's why I heartburn can be an early signs of pregnancy.

 Number15 is the pregnancy glow or pregnancy acne 

So because of an increase in blood volume and because of your hormone changes you may notice that your skin just looks brighter it looks healthier. YOUR oil glands are having to work extra extra extra-hard but therefore it can give you kind of that appearance of the pregnancy glow. But unfortunately for some women this works in a different way and it can actually give you the pregnancy acne. So if you notice hey I look good or hey I'm noticing I am NOT I look like I'm in high school again or whatever that can bean early  pregnancy sign for you.

 Number 16 is gum changes 

so we’re talking about like the gum inside of your mouth basically the biggest thing is swollen gums so pregnancy gingivitis . Again we've talked about the increased blood flow increased fluid volume well that can show up in your mouth and show up as swollen gums. so you may notice they're more sensitive maybe they're a little bit tender and a little bit irritable .so if you know that you normally don't feel that and you start to feel that that could be an early sign off pregnancy as well.

 Number 17 is cervical mucus 

 when you're trying to conceive journey basically in early pregnancy your body is starting to form the mucus plug. This can cause a sticky or creamy type of cervical mucus around the time you would expect your period to start. But this is something that you will only know if you know your normal throughout your cycle. IF you don't know what your cervical mucus normally looks like then it's not really going to be helpful to look for this sign. but if you do this can actually be a very helpful sign as an early signs of pregnancy.


Number 18 is a metallic taste 

some women report in pregnancy I know I'm specifically talking about early pregnancy but even throughout pregnancy they experience like an aluminum taste in their mouth. Like they have somethings in their mouth. AND other people describe it not quite so specific to metal they'll describe it more like a sour taste a salty taste a burnt taste is another one that you might hear there's like a residual taste in your mouth that you're not used to. And it's not necessarily a good taste there is a medical term for this. Dyspepsia. I have never said this term before  today um 

Dyspepsia think it's how you say that if you know how to say that and I said it wrong just let me know we're just goanna say metallic taste and from what Understand and what I've researched there's no scientific explanation for this. It could be due to hormone changes just like everything else but be on the lookout for that I feel like that's a pretty obvious sign because people don’t generally have a weird taste in their mouth.Soif you start to notice that that could be an early signs of pregnancy for you. 

Number 19, first signs of pregnancy is excess saliva 

this also has a medical term it's Paulist also don't know if I'm saying that correctly again never used that before today just say excess or excessive saliva. Basically you’re producing a lot of spit and this can be like a precursor or go along with morning sickness or heartburn so pay attention to see if the two of those or the three of those are happening together. But excessive saliva can be a  pregnancy sign as well. and 

Number 20, first signs of pregnancy is vivid dreams 

oh my gosh Ican attested to this early early early in pregnancy. I mean I'm talking like starting week three or so right around the time of implantation I started experiencing crazy dream dreams often intensify in pregnancy and again this issue to increase in hormone so if you start to notice like you wake up and you remember like all of your dream you feel like or a lot of your dreams throughout the night , or they were very intense and very vivid that can be a very early sign off pregnancy as well 

okay that's my list of 20 early signs of pregnancy 

Early signs of pregnancy

Did I miss any signs that you experienced or that you've seen 

Are you experiencing any of the things that I just talked about please share below. 

 obviously some of these symptoms are more common than others but just because one is more common than the other doesn't mean you won't experience the less common one 

So that's why I wanted to make a comprehensive list if you have any requests for  general topics that you'd like me to do a blog on, please leave it in the comments below.

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