It is the dream of every parents that their baby grows up to be intelligent and healthy too. Would be mom's diet, emotions, and genes play a major role in developing a growing baby's intelligence.

You're going to be an amazing mum! How do I know that? Well, the fact that you're taking the time to read to this tutorial about tips to make your baby smarter. Speaks about the type of parent you are going to be. In today's article, I'm going to provide you with 

3  best prenatal vitamins or essential nutrition tips to make your baby smarter during pregnancy. 

Stay tuned! Isn't it amazing to think that your baby’s brain is being developed right now, in your womb!? Eating the right nutrient-rich foods and taking best prenatal vitamins during pregnancy is essential to make your baby smarter....which is why eating well during pregnancy is one of the best gifts that you can give your unborn child. OK,

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let's look at some of the key nutrients and  best prenatal vitamins that your body needs to create your baby's brain....

 Firstly - iodine. 

Your iodine requirements increase during pregnancy from 150 micrograms per day, to 220, and one of the main reasons for this is that , this is one of  best prenatal vitamins and this nutrient is needed to help develop your baby's brain and Central Nervous System...which is the network of nerves that communicates messages throughout our body. This is so essential because even a mild iodine deficiency has been linked to an increased risk of ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Now we get iodine from the sea and soil, suit’s found in a range of whole foods....and it's important that you get a supplement that contains iodine as well...but a supplement won't give you all of the iodine you need. Supplements are made to 'SUPPLEMENT' a healthy diet, not replace it, so make sure that you're getting adequate iodine from both supplement sand your diet. 

Number 2 - DHA omega 3. 

DHA stands for docosahexanoic acid and Isa type of long chain omega 3. Again this is one of the best prenatal vitamins. DHA is a major structural nutrient in the brain, and studies suggest that there is a link between mum's DHA intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and mental advantages in baby's such as improved psychomotor development and improved attention skills. 

For example, a study published this year found that baby's whose mum's consumed the most DHA during pregnancy, had the best problem-solving skills. And don't we all want that for our little ones.

 The best source of DHA is fish, so it's important that you're eating 2-3 serves of low mercury, omega 3 rich fish every week throughout your pregnancy. If at all possible, I'd highly recommend that you get your DHA from food instead of supplements as there's been some research that omega 3supplements don't always have the same benefits as omega 3 from food. 

 The third key nutrient: choline. Choline requirements also increase during pregnancy, but it's been found that approximately 90% of pregnant women don't meet their choline requirements. 

Choline works with folate to create your baby’s brain and spinal cord. Research suggests that low intakes of choline during pregnancy may be linked to increased risks of mental health conditions such as schizophrenia in our babies later down the track.....and adequate choline intakes during pregnancy have been linked to better cognitive performance in our children. For example, a study of a group of American mummas, found that those with the highest choline intakes during their second trimester of pregnancy had children who achieved the highest scores on memory tests seven years later. So, you can see that this is a key nutrient for your baby's brain health. You won't find it in many supplements, so you really have to get it from your diet. 

The richest sources of choline include eggs, wheat germ and red meat. 

Again, you're not going to get too much choline from a packet of potato chips! Actually, who are we kidding? We're not going to get any choline from a packet of potato chips! Can you see why I'm so passionate about the importance of a nutrient-rich diet during pregnancy? And, it doesn't stop there....

Nutrients like Folate, iron and vitamin D are all essential for making our baby smarter too!

 So, let's bring this back to you. On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you that your baby is getting the right amounts of these three nutrients?  If you want to want to be confident that you’re giving your baby all the key nutrients that he or she needs for their brain development, you need to have a meal plan. You're not going to get these nutrients just by having a muffin for breakfast, crackers for lunch, and pizza for dinner, are you? It's the only way that you can be sure that your baby is getting all of these key nutrients every day. 

All the supplements you need during pregnancy, which are concerned safe, listed here

DHA omega 3
Fish oil

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So, if you really want to make your baby smarter, make sure you put together a nutritious pregnancy meal plan together. If you need help, please comment bellow. I'd love to help you do this. And, continue to support you to eat well throughout your pregnancy.

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