What I am here to argue is that Breastfeeding is A lot different than breast milk when you hear breast is best what that is not taking into account is the mental health of the mother or breastfeeding diet of the new mom 

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I am NOT a lactation nurse . I'm a stay-at-home mom, and I love it Most days, let's be real there some days. I feel like I can shed some light on Some of the difficulties that come along with breastfeeding and how to breastfeed your newborn, I hope it helps you.  

Breastfeeding tips number one is in regards to your nipples 

You're gonna find out very quickly. If you're not already breastfeeding baby that they're going to be sore. You can rub them raw with a towel whenever they recommend you do before you have a baby and it's It's still not going to prepare your nipples put the towels down ladies. Your nipples will have to adjust to Nourishing a baby and having a little baby Literally gnawing on you Way too many times a day, then should be legal if I'm being honest So a couple things that I would recommend is your best asset is actually your breast milk if you have sore cracked nipples Make sure to rub some of that on your sore areas and it actually is like an antibacterial Liquid, it's really great in helping to heal those areas. So that's number one. 

Breastfeeding tips Number two, that will help with the soreness 

So having things like those gel pads I used nipple cream religiously for the first like months that I was breastfeeding and Just making sure like we're doing whatever works for you applying cold didn't always help me. But having those gel inserts sometimes did help and just like Learning how to let them rest a little bit. For me I know 

They said to do both sides every feeding 

But when one side was really struggling I kind of let that side rest a little bit I never just like went forever and ever without feeding from that side because of the supply-demand issue. It's really struggling and it's like you're about to just me, your child in the face Every time you feed because you're gonna jump out of your seat.  I had trouble with latch and that made the soreness the nipple issue even worse because they're not latching very well kind of like gripping on to the wrong parts .They're not being effective with their sucking motion, which means they're not getting the milk I need to get which means they're gonna work even harder and it's just this whole thing. That was like a lot It was a lot. So I would recommend looking up. What a good latch looks like Or better yet if you're in the hospital or but if you're not if you're not breastfeeding yet. Make sure to talk to the lactation consultant a lot while you're in the hospital because that's a a resource that you're in The last thing I want to say in regards to nipples .Is that the soreness will go away But the pain you feel will go away eventually I promise you that and it'll probably be quicker than you think it will be your nipples will toughen up just like we do in the face of Difficulties your nipples are as tough as you are just Remember that tip number two is to ask for help I know you've probably heard this a million times, but everyone likes to say that until it's time to like Actually do the work, you know, so what I'm gonna give you is like 

Specific ways in which to ask for help 

 The lactation Consultant use that resource 

If you're in the hospital and you're trying to breastfeed I think I call it lactation ten times while I was in the hospital. That's a lot. I wasn't in that long I kind of felt annoying a little bit, but honestly you're asking them to do their job and Use that resource while you have it like bring them in as many times as it takes I honestly wasn't sure about my latch and I spent a lot of time discussing with the lactation Consultant if the latch was good and what are the different ways I can make sure that I'm doing this right .and blah blah blah blah blah blah lactation is just a one way that you can ask for help in one very very very small way because honestly, it's like This much compared to like the rest of your life with this baby. So it's important at home to Establish some ways in which you have help. So here are my 

Practical breadtfeeding tips number three ,in regards to that sleep deprivation 

Is real Like you can prepare mentally as much as you want to and maybe you're a night owl. That's fine I am not so I struggle a lot with being up awake at night all the time Still do one thing my husband helped me do was always to get me set up in the middle of the night. So we would literally both get up those first few weeks when it's really hard when you're adjusting We would both get up. I would go to the bathroom because you're still still dealing like all the like lochia and stuff. So I would go straight to the bathroom get myself cleaned up go to the bathroom get a drink of water like almost Just set the tone so that I could like approach the breastfeeding thing in a calm manner. Meanwhile, he would be changing the baby's diaper making sure she was waking up enough to actually eat effectively getting me set up. Making sure I had my nursing pillow like It was fantastic and I'm not saying that this is a forever thing because I think it totally defeats the purpose Both parents are up all night. I think really helped me So I'm thankful that I had a partner that was willing to help me with that every 20 minutes of sleep counts And that's no joke. I realized nobody can actually help you breastfeed. That's you ultimately I mean people can help you latch people can whatever but you are the one that's breastfeeding baby, but all the other things That's where you should be recruiting hands And it makes a difference in the long run 

Breastfeeding Tips number four is to be set up Have a place that you go with your baby to breastfeed 

If I didn't have a spot that I could get away from the chaos, whatever it is Even if you don't have kids maybe you have people over. Maybe they're coming to visit you and the baby but to be able to like go to that spot And already have all the things you like to have there like a water bottle snacks, I mean those first couple months I had a little like Box of snacks. I was starving through the night So and it's not like the best thing for your teeth or for your weights or whatever I really really ate constantly and it not only that it actually helped me stay awake. I'm not saying that's the healthiest thing ever So take that with a grain of salt I find that if you create a comfortable space to do the things that maybe you don't feel like doing You're more likely to still do them with a smile on your face And that's true as anything not just breast feeding is true work. So part of being set up is having those resources readily available because if they're not Sometimes it can easily slip through the cracks Another thing as far as being set up is just having the boobs easily accessible 

 like nursing tops. It's super loose. It's super stretchy.  

 Nursing bras. 

Breastfeeding pillow.
Breastfeeding chair.

 They were not expensive. They were just on Amazon.  link is here

They're not the most supportive things, but they are cheap and they've lasted this long I wash them all the time So, yes, like I think it's just important to have things that just make the process easier. You don't have to drop 12 the zillion thousand dollars to do it. But just make sure you have these little like ways in which you are just already set up so that way you're less likely to just like Lose your mind because you're already like in a zone where you're like,  the whole experience isn't enjoyable, and it's all just difficult It only makes sense that it's gonna be way easier to just be like 

Breastfeeding tips number five is to give yourself a measurable goal or end point

 I'm gonna explain what I mean by that. This is a mentality that I use for anything. That's difficult My method is when things get tough, I give myself a measurable end point to which Then it is appropriate to give up I'll use the example of breastfeeding Obviously there was a time and there have been a few different times where she is getting up like 7 8 9 times a night when she was really little and My nipples were sore and I was exhausted and I just felt like giving up. She also just wasn't latching well, and she we had all these other things But I was ready to give up on breastfeeding. I was really disappointed in myself because I had set the goal to make it to 6 months and I just was like I Want this to work so badly? But I was ready to give up in that instance What I do is I say in 3 days time if in 72 hours I'm still having this heart of a time if it's still this difficult and I'm ready to give up then I will actually give up. And What I found is that by the time I usually get to this measurable end point I find that Things are better or I've adjusted in some way and it doesn't seem quite as daunting anymore another thing is like supply if I but if supply is the reason I'm like I don't feel like I have enough here's what I'm gonna do even though I don't feel like doing this I'm gonna give it 48 hours and I'm gonna try these different things and if by 48 hours I haven't noticed a difference then I will stop by using this method. That's fine you have to like listen to you and whatever it is that your needs are and whatever like limit you're about to hit and I'm gonna talk more about like limits and mental health here in a second,

 Breastfeeding tips number six just being like honest with yourself What can you do? 

What can't you do and perhaps you can't do anymore and that's okay. 

Question of the day is Where are you at on your breastfeeding journey? I would love to hear from you So anything that you're struggling with leave in the comments below and make sure to interact with each other I love seeing you guys Respond to each other's comments and being supportive of each other.  You're either a breastfeeding mom who is either struggling or has? the knowledge to help others that are struggling so respond in that way or 

you're someone that is planning to breastfeed and And is looking for advice breastfeeding tips number seven and this one is a little bit controversial You don't hear this very often But my opinion is you need to know when to say when and I say this Because I have been that mom before with my firstborn .I have been through quite a journey with attempting to breastfeed her.  There was lots of like details that went into and life events honestly.

Breastfeeding tips number seven,breastfeeding is A lot different than breast milk 

When you hear breast is best what that is not taking into account is the mental health of the mother and all the things that come along with choosing to breastfeed because one of the best things you can do for your baby is To be well, if you are, well you are going to be able to provide so many more things for your child.

 One of the best things a mom can do for her child is know herself and know her limits 

That's why I sometimes really respect women that say I'm not gonna breastfeed. It's not for me I know that because I know myself And I know that I just it's just not something I want to do and it's not something I feel like I will do well Granted there's always like the part of me.  It's not just for me that I'm making this decision It's for my kids .  

My baby is getting the best nutrition that's hands-down true but a mom who's struggling in other ways 

As being confined to a room alone all night with a baby that needs her and she is overwhelmed and anxious and crying . If you Nailed into head that breast is best and it doesn't matter what you're going through you We're gonna do that because that's what you want to do for your baby. 

That's my issue with breast is best It is just not a very holistic way of looking at the whole situation.  

you're struggling you're at your wits end with this and you honestly feel Just depleted and you just don't you just don't know if this is for you I'm here to tell you that you are not any less of a woman You're not any less than a mother.

 If you decide that breastfeeding isn't for you I feel like it's important that we know when to stop we are lucky to live in a time when we have the option and And sometimes choosing ourselves. 

It's the best thing we can do for our child. 

You know you better than anyone and If you feel like this isn't a fit for you and you're not yourself while you're doing this. Then perhaps it's time to explore other options might be an unpopular opinion .

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this if you're a breastfeeding mom . Breastfeeding Their decision tonight do it Hertz is the ones that want to be breastfeeding and can't or Are breastfeeding and really really don't want to. 

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