In today's article I am going to share with you , some ways you can develop your kids interest into books. And also you can divert them from mobiles or tv or any kind of screens. 

If we have to divert our kid from mobile to books then we have to make it interesting, fun and interactive

 In the same way as mobile content is. so for that I took some steps and I did some changes at my home. 
To begin with I organized and assembled reading corner for my daughter In my bedroom.
 There is a small space or extension and I use it to organize my daughter toys. I kept a mattress on the floor there, and then I spread the bedsheet and kept some small pillows, and in a basket I kept some books. Added a light and it is now a complete cozy environment for reading books. There are some more books in the bookshelf which is accessible to her.  Another reading corner is in the room were his playpen is..yes I invested in a playpen also.(It's a very useful things for nuclear family now a days,YOU CAN BUY IT FROM HERE )
And here also in this room I kept books in a shelf which is at same height level as my daughter...

Some of the populer books ,you can buy for your Little one...

  •  Little kids story books

  • Princess Fairy Tales
  • Classic Fairy Tales.
  • Forever Classics,

This is important that books area is in accessible lable 

So that whenever they want whichever book they want they can take out and they can read. I added a carpet over here and kept her chair and then I just kept one of empty diaper box. That she uses to place the book and heists on the chair and reads.. 
Actually I don't have to ask her to do so..She does it herself. And how I developed in her such interest in books that I am going to tell.. 

First thing is that you should start on books very early.

.I think I introduced my daughter to books at the age of 3 months...Yes that early and if you haven't still, it's not to late. When ever you do just do it as an everyday activity. And if I am busy all day then I keep it as a bed time routine. .

Repetition is the key with small kids. 

It's the thing I have observed.
They have like very short term memory and untill and unless thing is repeated again and again they don't develop that bond with that...I use to try that in one time duration or time zone I concentrated on one or two books. I use to repeat and repeat until she develops that bond with those characters, story or book... yes 

How to make friendship with book and story characters..

That is actually the best and fun part. And this is the part where you actually make it more entertaining compared to mobiles. So for kid's book reading it is said that you must 'Read-out-loud' but what I actually say is 
You must 'Act-out-loud’. 

Yes we have to do a bit of acting. Give every character a voice. Different tone. Different/variation within sound and pitch when you are reading. If you want me to give an example I'll give it you quickly. If I say this line...' owl saw the mouse and the mouse looked good, “where’re u going little brown mouse.." rather than saying just like this if I say...'Owlsaw the mouse and the mouse looked good...,"Where are you going little brown mouse?...come have tea on my tree top house.." yaaa....this sounds very funny and very childish but kids love childish things only...i was also not aware of how to read stories to kids and so i watched many storytelling or book reading videos and I too learned from them. And in fact if you want to do the transition or you want to divert your kids from tv or mobile content. Then 

Show them story books videos and then u shift to the books. 

This will help in do that transition. 
When they see that content in the mobile which they are used to and then you bring back to the books then that books become Relatable to them. When they see the pages being turned on the mobile and in real life they can turn the pages on the book. Then it becomes interesting for them. 

Show them Animation or Motion pictures book

Some famous books have their animation or motion pictures. You can show them. This also helps to bring that transition. When they see the pictures in the book then they can relate to those characters and when they develop interest in the book then stop showing those motion pictures..  

Book reading can be made more interesting

When you make it more Interactive...i use to leave some sentences incomplete and what I found that my daughter use to complete those sentences for me..'purple prickles....all over his back..!!" by this he use to feel very accomplished and use to feel very happy when he use to finish those sentences. Thats way it becomes very interactive for them.. 

Another thing you can also do is..let them turn the pages as you finish the sentences

This is like very real time interaction with the book and they also learn patience. Means they have to wait till u finish the sentence and then only they can turn.. and 

Puppets and give them voice

one more method is there to make it more interactive ..

I recently made a mouse puppet’s might have seen in the video.. or like if you are teaching any learning books then u can show the real vegetables and show them real fruits.. 

Selection of Books. 

 The most important factor I would like to say is the Selection of Books. Use very Good. And very Age Appropriate Books. Buy books according to there age. 


 So these are the few things that you have to keep in mind then definitely you kid will also fall in love with books.. 

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