How to select a preschool for your Little One - A Parents Guide

kid's preparation is done at a preschool level.. The preschools play a very important role and how they will guide us. When forms come.. It's very difficult to choose, which schools are better for our kids so that all aspects u can talk to them

Preschool age,preschool

I have compiled here some tips and some points which i observed when we were searching a preschool/playschool or nursery school.. at that time what we observed and what we inquired .. 

all that i am going to include this article.for now let's start .. 

First of all.. you have to shortlist or enlist some schools

 And that research of preschool near me ,i did by asking my friends, neighbors and i did some online research.. when we make this list among the basic criteria.. 

First is the location.. 

we must try that how much close it is to our home.. in the neighborhood...that will be better ..otherwise we also suffer plus our little kids routine is also disturbed ..So select it either near to your home or workplace which ever is convenient to u to pick up kid during working hours.. 

Next you should keep in mind the hours or timing of the school.. 

Different schools provide different timing or schedule.. some have morning shift 9 to 11 some have later 11 to 1.. so according to your work convenience u select the time.. 

Next is if u want a day care also 

If u want to keep kid in daycare also along with school, then select those kind of preschools which after school or classes they convert into daycare ..So in such case u don't have to go to pick up kids from school then to drop to daycare. So try to select such kind of schools in ur list.. 

After that have a trip in your locality. 

Look around your place ..many times it happens that some schools are not there in google ..they might be new or are running on a small scale.. So u are not able to find them on internet.. so just go around your locality and just search like that.. within a 2 km radius around your house and then sometimes u might find a good school for your kid.. when u have narrowed down a list. 

Prepared a list..

 Then u can plan a preschool tour.. mostly there are not many schools.. 3 or 4 are there.. and whenever u visit them try to go near to the closing time of class.. when u can see kids.. how their activities are going...u can see how many kids are there. Plus u can also go inside after the classes are over and have a preschool tour ..and i use to try that i take Marshaling with me in every trip ..coz ultimately she has to stay there she should be adjusted and he should be happy in that environment.. so try to take your kid also when you are going for tour.. then when you reach there .. 

There is some representative u meet.. 

Either the director of that institution or principal.. then u ask them some questions and inquire some things..

 In that first is confirm the shifts of the school which i told earlier 

then the plan that is according to the age of child how their curriculum is designed... Preschool age usually till 2.5 is playschool or playgroup and then after 2.5 year they go to nursery and after 3.5 it's kindergarten or KG classes. Then around 5.5 or 6 year school admissions are done..

 Then in that select the age appropriate plan according to your kid.. 

Many times they say u can put him in higher classes.. but don't listen to such things.. whichever is the preschool age appropriate plan for ur kid.. put them in that.. then u can ask them about their staff.. about their team. How experienced their staff is.. 

The most important thing is inquire about the teacher to student ratio. 

This is very important. It should not happen that.. there are many kids under one teacher.. usually the most appropriate ratio is 1:10.. means under 1 teacher there must be no more than 10 kids.. beyond that a teacher cannot concentrate on each and every child.. and 

Apart from that u inquire about the assistant staff.. especially maid..

They also play a very important role in preschools. Apart from that security persons.. they all are important in the preschool set up.. 

After asking all these u inquire about the fees structure. 

That is also very important.. different schools have different and there is wide range in fees structure...some charge very minimal and some charge very high.. so just inquire about that and how are the payment options.. do u have to pay annually or quarterly or monthly.. all these things u inquire and according to your budget and according to your affordability then u can decide.. 

Then u inquire about the curriculum which they follow..

 When i was researching for preschools.. then i came to know that preschools to have different curriculum.. 

for example like in higher schools there is CBSE and ICSE boards. Similarly in this.. there are different philosophies and many curriculum. 

Preschool age ,preschool

In that most popular is the Montessori method.. 

this Montessori method was developed by a lady Maria Montessori and their main concentration is over kid's overall personality development.. They have there own pattern.. They have different toys. All wooden toys.. plus on other aspects like learning, math and English (language).. they do concentrate. 

And on other side there is playschool or kindergarten 

In which they play, have activities plus reading n writing and mostly they concentrate on books.. and apart from these there are many more approaches.. we can't say that this one is good or bad.. just try to find such preschool were there is amalgamation or combination of all these approaches.. that way u will have an overall personality development of your kid... when i was researching this.. then i came to know that teacher are also specifically Montessori trained and experienced.. so u can ask all that when u are going there.. 

Next after all this u can ask them to give a preschool tour 

When u go for it just look for these 4-5 things.. so the 

First and the foremost thing is the hygiene of the place. 

place must be very neat and clean.. there must be kid's separate specific bathrooms.. they should have a separate hand washing area for kids. Plus maids also must be very hygienic. See nothing is important that your kid's health.. so first priority should be the hygiene of the place. 

Next thing is look for the child safety aspect.. 

At child's height level their should be no electrical sockets ..if there are then it must be child proofed.. along door also child proofing should be there. Plus the whole area must be CCTV monitored.. so just look for these things. Next just look around the whole space.. 

It should be very spacious..

 the space compared to number of students should be appropriate.. and the space should not feel crowded. Plus there must be an outdoor area.. where kid's can play some time and do outdoor activities. 

After this just look for other infrastructure.. 

how their collection they built up the area ..whether they have separate section for art, reading and also the toys. What quality they are. They should be of high quality plastic or Wooden. They shouldn't be flimsy and cheap ones 

Observe how much literature rich that area is.. 

how many books are there.. how their book collection.. then look around the whole space.. how many art activities are there which are made by kid's.. this tells u how many activities are done overall.. u can interact with the teachers who are there.. u can also ask them about the activities.. how is the routine generally along the day for kids... usually the preschool routine should have a choice time in which kids are left to do things they are interested or inclined to.. that thing could do. That time should be unstructured.. whatever they want to do.. whether they want to play. Whether they want to read.. whether they want to draw anything.. so such time should be there in that routine just ask for that.. 

Along with that just analyze.

 As I said earlier i use to take my daughter along.. so i use to see..i use to analyze.. i use to ask myself. Is she happy here.. how she is reacting.. is she feeling safe and the teachers. How they are interacting and how is interacting with them so analyze how your kid is behaving in that environment.. 

Then u can ask them about the communication aspect.. 

it is very important that what kid's are doing in preschool.. what activities they do daily.. everyday activities.. must be informed to parents. So how they are goanna communicate with you.. Do they have a group or they are having any app.?.In my daughter playschool. They use to send everyday in an app..In that every kid has an account and in that we have to log in and everyday activities we can see.. 

Next u can also ask them how they will help u or guide u when u are going for school admissions later on. 

This is so important. We all know India is a highly populated country and our kids and we have to face the competition when we are going for school admissions.. so .. 

Next thing that i expected from preschools,The aspect of emergency management in preschools

But that thing is actually lacking overall in our country is.. .. Preschool staff should be trained and should have a proper emergency protocol.. they should have helpline numbers.. they should have proper medical assistance.. so that in any case of uneventful incidence they should know how to manage it.. 

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