The topic is quite controversial and we are going to go through it step by step. However like I told you in the beginning this is a very controversial topic. 

Why controversial? Because I must be very sincere with you that there is only one method that is scientifically proved to be a hundred percent correct that can allow you select the sex of the child  you want. 

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That is Artificial gender selection during in-vitro fertilization.

However if you’re kind of a person who wants to give birth naturally there are no methods that are proved to be a hundred percent correct that can enable you to select the child you want. Though there are several theories there are several researches which have been done and we are going to be talking about them in this particular article. 


To begin with let's first understand a few basic facts from basic science. 

  • A woman produces an egg which has two chromosomes and these two chromosomes are all XX and Represents a baby girl. Therefore a woman only produces chromosomes. 
  • Which X chromosomes represent a baby girl. 
  • For a man's sperm it contains X and YX represents a baby girl and Y represents a baby boy. 
  • Therefore what happens when these people meet? When they meet a woman will of course donate her X and a man it’s by probability that a man may donate an X or may donate a Y.
  •  So once a man donates a Y Chromosome and it is added onto the X chromosome the result will be a baby boy. 
  • However if a man donates an X chromosome which will meet with another X the result will be a baby girl.
  •  Therefore the person that determines the sex of the child/ the sex of the baby is a man.
  •  There have been a lot of fights in our cultures whereby men are beating their wives because they are producing only one particular gender you find the whole family ganging against the lady because she's producing one gender. 
  • But you should understand that sex determination /the gender determination of your baby is done by a man.
  •  Therefore giving birth to a baby boy or a baby girl is purely by chance. 
  • However there are some researches which have been done by some individuals they are theories which have been tried and have suggested that there are things you can do to enhance your chances of either giving birth to a baby girl and a baby boy. 

The first method I would like to introduce to you is the Ovulation method. 

So if you're to use this ovulation method,  

  • First of all you must know your ovulation day you must know when you are going to ovulate. 
  • So if you know your ovulation day this can be a little easier for you. Why? Because let's give an incidence that your ovulation day is the 20th of August.2020 so if your ovulation day is the 20th of August 2020 we are going to use a few issues here.
  •  We are going to use a theory by uh Dr Landrum Shuttles Brewer. Dr Landrum Shettles Brewer is  the pioneer of in-vitro fertilization and he stated the following differences between a male sperm and a female sperm. 
  • When am talking about a sperm am talking about the the male fluid , and that fluid contains two chromosomes like I told you it has the XY and XX.
  • When I say the female sperm I mean the X and when I say the male sperm I mean the Y. 
  • So he started the differences between a boy's sperm and a girl's sperm and what were the differences? He said that the boy's sperm  swims faster. It is faster than the females sperm so this one is faster. But he also stated that the boy's sperm is smaller in size. It is smaller. He further stated that the boy's sperm survives for less days as compared to a girl’s sperm. 
  • So which means a boy's sperm survives less and that is three days. It only survives  in the woman’s womb or the woman is V for only three days. 
  • Whereas the girl sperm can survive for up to five days. And therefore we would like to use this to find out if you can really target the gender you need. 
  • So if your ovulation day is on the 20th of August 2020, it means generally your sperm has five days to survive and therefore five days to survive are, so on the 20th, 19th18th, 17th and the 16th day so these are the five-day these are the five days five, four, three, two and one. So this is the ovulation day, 
  • So let us now look at this. If you met your partner on at five days before ovulation what will happen? You meet your partner five days before ovulation,  or your partner will deposit sperms which contain the boy and the girl . According to this theory the boy sperm by the third day, one, two, three, on 18th the boy sperm will have died. 
  • Remember on 20th is when the egg is produced it's when the egg is now ready it is in the fallopian tube ready for fertilizations it is waiting for this sparm,
  • But by the third day the boy's sperm is already dead and therefore who is still surviving it is the girl's sperm .Therefore the girl sperm will reach on the fifth day when he's still alive and therefore it will be the girl's sperm to fertilize the egg. And therefore the result will be a baby girl. 
  • Therefore  if you had intercourse with your partner five days before ovulation the result is likely to be a baby girl same applies to four days prior to ovulation it's again a baby girl. 
  • So if you met your partner three days prior to ovulation it means both sperms will be available on the 28thday boy and girl sperm will be available on the 20th day. 


Another factor/ another difference between a boy and a girl's sperm. The speed. 

And therefore which sperm is going to fertilize the egg? This is what now this brings us to Another factor/ another difference between a boy and a girl's sperm. The speed. We know that the boy's sperm is faster than the girl's sperm. 

  • Therefore if they have been put at the same level it is the boy's sperm that will hit the target before the girl sperm. 
  • Therefore if you had intercourse on three days before ovulation it is likely that you'll have a result of a baby boy because the sperm of a baby boy swims faster than the baby girl. 
  • And also if you had intercourse two days before ovulation or on the ovulation day actually if you really want to target a baby boy it is better to have to meet your partner on the ovulation day. Why? 
  • Because the boy's sperm will reach or will move faster than the girl's sperm and therefore it will fertilize.  

Now bring this into a simple issue 

we have two sperms the boy and the girl sperm one is a faster runner and the other one is a slow runner but it runs for a long distance’s in conclusion about this particular method, 

  • If you want a baby boy, you should meet your partner three days or two days prior to ovulation or on the ovulation day. Three days, two days prior to ovulation or on the ovulation day it's off the chances of having a baby boy are high 
  • And if you want to have a baby girl meet your partner five days or four days prior to the ovulation and do not have intercourse again until after ovulation.

 We're going to look at two other methods 

and these methods were again suggested by Dr Landrum Settles. I told you this is the pioneer of in-vitro fertilization he suggested the two more ways of conceiving a particular gender you need. However these methods have been widely criticized by some scientists. However it still has a lot of proponents for this method. Let’s look at them. 

Number one: 

Is female orgasm. 

He said that during female orgasm there is production of alkaline solutions. These solutions are important for a male sperm survival. And therefore he said that if you want a baby boy make sure that your woman reaches orgasm. That is according to Dr Landrum Shetland his proponents. 

Number two

Another method he researched about is the position. He mentions that deep penetration will give a result of a baby boy. Why? He gives area son that during deep penetration the sperms are deposited nearer closer all at the cervix. 

  •  There is a short distance from the cervix onto the fallopian tubes, where fertilization is going to occur This gives an advantage to the male sperm to the body's sperm because it swims faster though it goes for a shorter distance .
  • Therefore if they are deposited near the fertilization site it means the boy sperm will have an advantage. 

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However the last two methods I have discussed are not a hundred percent. Actually I would say their effectivity and accuracy levels are not known .But you can try any of the methods all of them probably you can be one of the people that will benefit from the method. 

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