How to keep calm while you're having to homeschool all of a sudden during the corona virus outbreak

I understand that you're not homeschooling out choice it's out of necessity the schools are actually closing during this Corona virus outbreak.And this time where you're probably feeling anxious you're feeling unprepared you didn’t realize this was going to happen and you're feeling frustrated, maybe you’re feeling like you don't have the skills. 

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Here's some tips for Homeschooling

You can absolutely work through this.And here's what I know for sure, if you get angry, if you're going to get frustrated, if you're going to get stressed that ingoing to transfer to your kids for Homeschooling, even if you try and hide it from them and that doesn’t allow for a good learning environment. 

You know emotions are contagious and so if you are stressed that's going to impact on the learning environment for your kids. But if you keep calm then that's going to mean that they’re much more prepared to listen to you and learn from you. 

The most googled subjects right now are about the doing parts of home school

The home school timetable, 

home school resources what does the ideal routine look like, 

What should my kids be doing. 

Well let's get out of the mindset of doing and get into the mindset of being. Being joyful, being playful, being calm, being loving. Because these are the experiences that your children will remember from  homeschooling during corona virus outbreak and we'll respond to. So let's get started with the tips. 

Number one go with the flow. 

Every family is different every person is going to be different in this. If you've got teenagers who'd like to sleep in then maybe you're going to want to start school maybe at 11 a.m., maybe even just the afternoons. Right now there are no rules. You need to do what is going to fit into your family life. If you still have to do some work albeit online and at home you also have to fit around that obviously. So right now the schools aren’t going to enforce certain amounts of hours that you have to do, take advantage of that, work with what fits in with you right now because you will be happier your kids will be happier and the learning experience would be so much more enjoyable. 

Number two it's okay not to be the expert

I know there's a lot of you out there right now thinking I don't have training in being a teacher how could I possibly teach my kids. Well you can and you don't have to know everything. I mean I'm terrible at math but I'm getting a chance to do it the second time around and actually it's a standard joke in our family that if my daughter and I do the same addition or equation mine's going to look different to what she's done. The answer will be different but that's good because we can work it out together, he can teach me and showing him that it's okay to get things wrong it's okay to admit you need some help. And actually I'm growing as a person and learning from her as well so this is very collaborative. And so don’t try and be the expert you're just going to stress yourself out that doesn't help anybody. 

Tip number three, get creative

Now what are those subjects that are lacking at your school? Things that you wish they did but instead they tend to favor more academic subjects. So maybe things like arts, photography, drama, baking, sewing. What other things that would be creative and a good addition to your kid's education that maybe they don't get at school? And I'm sure there’s something that your kids would like doing that is more creative other than just academic subjects, in homeschooling and during the corona virus outbreak.

Tip number four 

Now  your school may be geared up for you to use some online resources which is great.  You know using these online resources are fantastic. But think outside the box as well it doesn't just have to be courses and PDF resources. But think about you know, 

Netflix documentaries there's an awful lot you can learn about history or nature. 

YouTube channels like Cosmic Kids Yoga where the kids can do some yoga for half an hour while you take a little break and you know like funsciencedemos.

There are so many things out there already that's educational that you can dip into but also think outside the box. 

Number five ,Read to your kids 

They are never too old to be read to. We’re reading Harry Potter book 5 at the moment and there's something so amazing about reading to your kids. People dismiss it and say oh that's not Alisson that's not learning. It's so immersive, your relationship grows stronger with that person, you are teaching them new words, you're actually becoming more fluent. How often do you read out loud to make enjoyable for someone else and really get into those voices? Please I urge you, read to your kids it is learning but more than that it's a strengthening of your relationships

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Number six 

This is a big one because I know a lot of kids have been gearing up to take exams and now they don't know what's going to happen. Are they going to go back to school before the end of end of the year? Are they going to be able to graduate? Please try not to feed into the worry of their future. Things will work out. The governments of all the respective countries are trying to work things out, they understand. They're trying to workout the health side of things right now but they will consider exams and kids futures. No one's no one's going to miss out from this. So we don't know what’s going to happen but we do know that exams are not going to happen this years they don't know you need to be cramming and revising. I know it means an uncertain future but then let's concentrate on what you can predict what you can control and that's things like routines. 

Tip number seven start role modeling what learning looks like. 

Learning doesn't just have to happen IN school it's a life long event. I'm still getting books out of a library every single week, I'm signed up to courses on Dummy and other online courses, I'm learning how to do videos. I really want your kids to know that it doesn't have to be just school and you can show them that show them what it's like to be a lifelong learner and being interested in things. So if nothing else start a new online course figure out something you'd really be interested in learning about that maybe you've forgotten about. whether it's photography or watercolor or it doesn't even matter what it is but show them what it's like to learn at an yage. 

Number eight is really important, let go of perfection. 

It's not going to go perfectly, your house is not going to look clean all the time, the kids are not going to do what you want for the time you have to let go of that. It's not going to look like school because well you haven’t got cleaners that are going to clean your house every evening you haven’t got dinner ladies serving your kids cooked dinners every day. You are unit whether you are as a couple of parents pitching in together or whether it’s just one of you I don't know but regardless please let go perfection because it's goanna look messy and that's okay. 

Number nine, routine, 

I’ve already mentioned earlier are very important right now because we don’t really know what's going to happen in the next few months. And uncertainty makes us stressed. Uncertainty makes us anxious. We like to know we like to be out of predict we're going to do. 

  • And that's going to result in 
  • Right now we don’t have that predictability. 
 So keeping a routine is of upmost importance. So try and have your kids sleep at the same time every night, wake up at the same time it doesn't have to look like school it doesn't have to be the same timing as what a school would do because you can make the rules that's okay. It doesn't even have to be as long of a school day as school because you haven't got 30 kids in a class you're trying to teach. But routines are important in homeschooling.  we always start our day, strangely, with a conga line which goes from the front door of our house right to the back of the house which is where our little carpeted schoolroom area is. And yeah, my husband my daughter and I, my husband works from home,  we pretend we're on the school bus and we go from the front door to the back and deposit our daughter at school and she absolutely loves it. And it's the start of our school day in homeschooling. And I've tried sometimes to carry on school you know if I'm feeling stressed and I'm I want to get straight into it she tells me that we got to go on a school bus mom. So routines, set your own rituals it's goanna be really good for all of you. 

Number 10, include some movement in your day

Movement, exercise, physical movement is so important to reducing stress right now and keeping calm. I don't know if you're  quarantined during corona virus outbreak or whether you're actually social distancing. So I don't know if you can go outside and exercise if you can't then it's important that you still do it burin the house. YouTube videos are brilliant for this. 

 But there are also videos and exercises that your kids candor in the house as well during homeschooling. If possible, if you are able to go out if it is safe to-do so, then bike rides, family bike rides are a great idea and just walking as long as you're keeping the rules of social distancing. Getting outside for a little bit it's gonna be really good for you. 


If you take nothing else from this blog today I want you to know it's not only what you do it's about the way you create a feeling in your homeschool. In these next few weeks or months kids will learn better in a calm environment so it's about being playful, being joyful, being loving and not worrying about what your next-door neighbors are doing with their school kids or school-age kids. 

It's about fostering these relationships. You’re going to become closer as a result of this and that's a wonderful thing. So let's stay positive. 

If you have any questions please comment down below and I will do my absolute best to give you my opinion. Of course that's going to be different to other homeschooling people around here but that's okay we’re all doing it differently and I wish you all the luck in the world.

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