Keep your kids entertained, right at home during coronavirus pandemic

Kids who are engaged, love to learned have fun at the same time. Before we begin getting into the heart of the article and I wanted to provide you a few tips and activities at home, 

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It's important to be prepared and know 

  • You can use pretty much any item at your house. 
  • Don’t overload yourself feeling that you must keep the kids busy with That Activities a day. 
  • Pick one or two and if they go short, expand on the activity or have your child teach another family member how to do it. 
  • Another tip. Put the kids to work too. You don't have to get all the materials together. Give your child or children a list of items to gather. 
  • Older kids are great to have his assistance and they love to have the responsibility. Perhaps you could even entice a future teacher. 
  • Lastly, don't stress. The activities are meant to be educational and fun at the same time. If something doesn't go right, maybe you’ll invent a new activity. 

Our content is based on educational and fun activities to do right at home. 

I have been sorted in content areas of math, stem literacy, social studies, physical education and the arts. There is about three to six activities listed for each content area. Mini activities are always smooch fun to do with ages, but this really fun. 

Here are activities listed. 

at home store,Teamworks at home, right at home,coronavirus, coronavirus pandemic. coronavirus outbreak

We have sink or float

Using objects around the House or at home store and kids make a prediction whether the item will sink or float in water. Make a chart to collect the data and even older kids could graph the data. 

Measuring activities are also a lot of fun. 

There are three activities geared towards cooking and measuring a little. One can learn how to measure an cook, but this activity can be expanded by asking an older child to double or triple the recipe. This will require adding fractions. Think of all those cookies you could get out of a tripled recipe. 

The pizza fun activity uses raw pizza dough and kids. 

Divide the dough up based on how many people they want to make that pizza for. Little ones can count the pepperoni. Older kids can predict how much cheese will go on a pizza and then actually measure it. See if they're right pizza for all. 

Math games are always fun one. 

 I played with  my own kid. An students was using shaving cream on a hard surface and quiz kids with multiplication facts. They can even draw shapes in the shaving cream to figure out the math problem. This activity is also fun with spelling or any other content needed to study. 

The next content areas literacy 

there are so many different ideas, but I picked some of my favorite. What happens next is something the whole family can do together right at home, or it can also bean individual activity. 

Pick a movie that also has a book, 

For instance The Lorax by Doctor Seuss. Read the book and then watch the movie. Were they the same or completely different? Which one was better? Then watch the movie and stop it before the end and write your own ending for another indention redemption of the activity. Then you can discuss their ending with either family or write it on paper. 

The next activity movie critic 

child could use the same movie and record a critique of the movie or the book. Give it a thumbs up. Give it a thumbs down. Why did you like it and they can share the recording with friends and family via email. 

A good activity for kids is to think Sequentially, 

Sequentially is by making a recipe. This can be either through a video or writing. A child can say or write a recipe step-by-step, for instance, how to make a Pao Bhaji and Jelebi, or how to make lemonade. It sounds easy until you realize a step is left out. It's not so good if you leave the sugar out of the Lemonade. Yuck. A spin off of this activity is to make a how to video and use transition words such as first, next. Or Lastly, to connect the activity to being what's asked to do. 

An activity focused on our current situation 

is to have a child right about the quarantine during corona virus outbreak from a different perspective. 

What would the family pet say? 

What about a health care worker or even a grocery work worker? It sure would be interesting to hear the different perspectives, especially from the eyes of a child. 

Physical education activities are always fun and can be entertaining for the family minute to win it. 

It can be placed both inside or outside depending on the activities. I have suggested a couple such as marshmallow toss or participants stand several feet apart. Intel's marshmallows to each other. The team who catches the most wins. 

Another activity’s using those chopsticks 

you get from take out and you leave him in. Your drawer will take those chopsticks out and put some cereal in a bowl. The team who can transfer the most serial from one bowl to another with using the chopsticks winds. Really any small item would work during this coronavirus pandemic.

 A balloon tosses fun blow up.

 A package of balloons and tossed your team member. The most balloons caught wins. 

An obstacle course in the yard would keep kids engaged for quite awhile

First they must build it. And then they centime each other to see who finishes at the best. Who who’s the quickest? Different rules can apply, such’s being blindfolded, or they have to hop through the obstacle course. Items around the house to make up the course. Use tape boxes, hula hoops, or even a scooter. 

Volleyball with balloons can be done inside her out a rope, 

a couch she or even tape Conservatives the net right at home. Toss the balloon over the net and see how many successful tries you can do with another person. Or play agama of volleyball with the balloon and keep score. You can do this during coronavirus pandemic.

Have you ever tried line dancingIt's a Teamworks at home .Scarch for a line dance on the Internet or YouTube and teach it to the family there. So many fund oz out there. This is great chance to just be silly. 

Stem is always fun, especially for those kids who loved create

When my daughter was little, she loved to create plans for things he wanted to build. She had plans for a Fort to be built with Lincoln logs or sheets to a paintball course out in the yard. The Sky is the limit. 

The science lovers love the cloud in a jar activity using a jar, 

hot wok, ice and some hairspray. You can create a buildup of condensation, allowing aloud to be released into the air. Variations of this activity can be created. What if you don't use hot water? What would happen if you used a much larger jar? The scientists in your child will want to experiment. 

The structure challenge 

It gives the kids opportunity to build and test the strength of materials or a design using items around the house or at home store. Build structure, make it a competition and see who can build the tallest structure or the most resilient structure. This activity can last a long time, so good for those days when kids need a longer activity to keep them busy. 

On the social studies, 

which is one of my favorites, 

Children can interview an older person and then so much about history. 

Kids write their own interview questions based on the dates the interview he grew up the interview via FaceTime or a phone call and ask what kind of things were happening when you were a child. What was happening in history? Have you had a dream of destination of a place to travel to? 

Kids can research places they would like to visit. 

Find out what there is to see ordo what's the weather like? Interesting facts or what kind of food is there? Older kids could also research how much is the airfare, or how how much would it cost for a hotel. And any other items that they would need to Purchas? Once research is complete, makes brochure based on the findings of presentation. Could even be created and presented to the family. Who knows, maybe this will motivate everyone to save for their dream destination. 

The Arts is always fun when looking for something to keep busy with. Create a masterpiece using recycled materials such as cups, bottles, paper, paper, towel tubes etc. Place on a canvas which could be a side ofa Cardboard box or a poster board. If you feel adventurous and with adult supervision, spray paint the masterpiece with silver spray paint for a unique piece of Art. With everything that is going on in our world, it's important to stay in contact with our family and friends,and right at home 

Using the phone or FaceTime kids can interview and see how their loved one is doing 

what is happening, where they live. Do they have positive stories of people help helping others to share? Kids should create interview questions ahead of time so they know what to ask. 


 I hope you found a couple activities during coronavirus pandemic ,that you and your children may enjoy, but most of all keep calm and remember, just have fun. Thanks and take care.

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