Lunch Box Idea For Kids,For 5 Day School Week

So school will reopen soon. All the Parents will prepare for that.

You all can make your kids lunch box special for them. Five school days and five different types of lunch box.. 

 In today's blog I am going to share 5 tiffin recipes for 5 different days of week. and for now lets begin 

So to begin with first day of school Monday 

We have to send some bread recipe so I decided to make 

Five day school week

Vegetable sandwich 

  • So for that I took two potatoes a
  • 1/4 cup of green peas 
  • and in that I added a little bit of water and some salt  
  • Then i kept it in the microwave for four minutes m
  • Meanwhile I took 2 tbsp. of oil in pan 
  • Added 1 pinch of mustard seeds and then few curry leaves 
  • Then i added 1/4 of small onion 
  • 1/2 of small spoon ginger garlic paste 
  • One inch grated carrot
  •  1/8 tsp turmeric powder and coriander powder and
  •  A pinch of red chili powder
  •  Then in that i added the boiled vegetables and
  •  Then i mashed it nicely in that 
  • I also added some cheese and again mashed it 
  • Then i layered the bread with a little bit of tomato sauce and 
  • Then over that spread sandwich mix buttered, The sandwich maker i have one which i used over gas so in that i am making thane’s 
  •  Then cut it into small bite size pieces using a scissor and the side crumbs also i cut using it 
  • Then i placed it in tiffin with some chopped fruits like grapes orange sand watermelon balls. 

Then after that second day it's Tuesday 

For that day i sliced a watermelon and then with the help of cookie cutter i made different shapes. 

Cookie cutter ,u can buy easyly from HERE , 

(They are very affordable they are not very costly .For making kids tiffin they are very useful in kids tiffin ,it is that you have to make it more attractive and appealing so that they finish it and they eat it.). 

I added some chopped grapes always try to chop up grapes coz grapes AS such has risk for choking if they eat themselves 

Next day Wednesday it's Suji/Semolina or Rice days’ 

I decided to make healthy carrot rave Dosa

  • I took two table spoon of Semolina 2 tosspot rice flour and 1 tbsp. of flour/Maida n to it added 1 tbsp. of curd
  •  then I put some chopped curry leaves and grated a small piece of ginger 
  • I added one inch of grated carrot 
  • 1/4 of chopped onion 
  • Pinch of mustard seed 
  •  pinch of jeera/cumin seed
  •  Then I added salt to taste 
  • after that i added water gradually to prevent formation of lumps.
  •  For this we need very thin consistency like butter milk mix it should be in very flowing consistency 
  • Then i added a little bit of crushed pepper, green chill i avoided usually it is added but it may come in your kids mouth. That is why i just avoided that. 
  • Then spread it over hot tawa add some oil and let it slow cook till it is golden brown. My daughter likes to eat it as such that is why i didn't add any chutney. She likes to eat it’s such .So then i added some fruits . Orange seeds i removed so that she is able to eat. so 

Next day Thursday it was wheat day 

So I decided to make Mooli/radish paranthas

  This i made as everyone's morning breakfasts. Processed everything in food processor it made all the work easy plus fast. And it is not at all hectic.

  •   I added a dough kneading attachment in bowl from the beginning 
  •  In that only I added wheat flour which was 2 cups
  •  Then a small spoon of chilly powder, small spoon of jeera/cumin powder and small spoon of dried mango/aamchur powder.
  •  Then i added salt to taste 
  • After that i added some coriander leaves i just roughly chopped them using my scissor t
  • Mixed them all together means i just dry mixed not added water yet.
  •  Then i made a little tomato chutney tomato, coriander leaves and small green chilly and some salt 
  • Then I kneaded the dough adding some water and also some oil till it comes all together.
  • Sprinkled some dry wheat flour and after that took it out in a bowl and brought it all together. 
  • after that kept it in freezer for 5 minutes.
  •  This is a kitchen hack after this when we spread it for paratha then it is not at all sticky. 
  • It doesn't stick to roller or base and you can very easily spread it as thin as you want 
  • Then i made parathas nicely 
  • Spread oil and cooked it for making parathas.
  • I always use iron tawa this results in amazing parathas and they taste very nice 
  • Again with cookie cutter i cut it but now what i found is to cut it with scissors is more easy. 
  • My daughter loves shapes that is why i cut it indifferent shapes square, triangle, circle. 
  • Then coz i kept tomato sauce in small tiffin that is why for placing fruits, i used a cup cake mould this way it looks very beautiful also.

 Next day it's Friday, Day of your choice. 

So i thought of sending something sweet all these days i never sent her anything sweet.

Microwave mug cake

  • So in a cup i took 1 tbsp. of butter, 3 tbsp. of flour, 2 tbsp. powdered sugar. 
  • Then 1/8 tisp off essence, 2 tbsp. of milk, then 1/8 tsp of double acting baking powder and a pinch of baking soda. 
  • Then i mixed them nicely so that there are no lumps 
  • Then i added a little mixed fruit jam to it,
  •  Then i kept it in microwave for one and half minute(90 seconds) 
  • When making microwave mug cake keep one thing in mind every microwave has different power setting .
  • some take 11/2 min in some its over in 1 minute so just keep a look on cake.
  •  First it rises and then it comes back a little
  •  Then its almost done 
  • Jam which we added sometimes it spills but not to worry 
  •  Sliced it and then made shapes with cookie cutter
  •  Remaining crumbs also can be placed in molds to make different shapes 
Along with that in tiffin i added some groundnut chikki pieces, broken into small pieces this will add that protein element coz groundnuts are very protein rich.
 In the cake mix also u can add dry nuts powder. 

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