What Causes temper tantrums in children

It include tiredness, frustration and hunger. Kids also may have temper tantrums to seek attention, to get  something, or avoid doing something. sometimes  Parents place the blame on themselves (because of imagined poor parenting).But the real cause is often a combination of the child’s personality, immediate circumstances, or developmentally normal behavior. Rarely, an underlying mental, physical, or social problem may be the cause of it's tantrum... 

Temper tantrums

The way there are terrible teens similarly there are terrible TWOs like in teens there comes a phase where they r neither grown up kids nor they are adults. So there is a phase between this. They have that passive aggressive behavior .Very similar to that toddlers yet have not developed language skills they cannot speak up properly or express themselves .So they have that frustration. 

That's the way they want what they  want to say.

How To Cope With Temper Tantrums in Kid's

 As my daughter turned two i observed earlier when she was a baby we feed her/ dress her as we liked ,the way we wanted she use to be like that .She has her own likes and dislikes .She want to wear a particular set or not so when things don't go according to her way .Initially i use to get too worried and i use to get tensed. As a new parent we always think that we are doing something wrong as there is a change in kid's behaviors. 

  • Because of that aggressive behavior comes how to deal with it the thing because of which this behavior started or the thing for which they r displaying tantrum or they r crying never give that thing to them then it is like promoting that behavior. If she wants a thing and he is not getting it she is showing tantrum. And she is getting it back another thing that i learned during the process. 

  • Whatever is your behavior that same reflects from your kid. Sometimes you may suppress their behavior with aggression all the anger will collect inside them this is very easy to say but.... ...very difficult to do. 

  • When your kid is crying n u ignore them being a mother it is very difficult for me that i ignore her and go to another room. It never feels good to do so. 

  • Whenever the incident happened from that thing/situation..i just take her out not very abruptly...but slowly n gradually what happens is have such a short term memory that is so cute 5 minutes before they were crying later they are busy climbing up the table and if we ask ,''DS why were u crying?'' on the contrary if they remain in that scene .They are seeing that object 

  • Not only i remove them from the scene/room what i also do is she has value of her fav things whenever he throws a tantrum i use to give her that toy but not like a reward or bribe i don't say..i will give u this if u stop crying instead i make it a surprise...OH see what is hidden here!! if we do like this then then their mind changes from an angry resentful state to a happy surprised state then they forget the other thing for which they were crying and this definitely works .

  • Most of the time there is an underlying cause which leads to such irritable behavior in kids. Most of the time it happens when there is a change in their routine they have not slept enough or they are tired. So i try to stick to her routine then she also know at this time this has to happen and she is well slept and mostly remains in a happy state. 

  • It may happen sometime...there is a delay in cooking or after one potty they develop sudden hunger pangs so in such times just give them some snack or fruit/juice so that they are well fed coz sometimes basic underlying cause is hunger .

  • It comes out in another form how much they will play with their toys they get used to them and how many toys u will buy your house will be cluttered with toys. If u buy continuously only for small time they get entertained with toys and this is kind of an age they love to play with normal things. or 

  • U can make some activities for your kids which makes their mind run continuously keep. Different activities for each day so their busy schedule goes on n they r not attracted to screens. 

  • What happens with my daughter is when she plays with normal things and if she takes something that can potentially harm her so when i use to take that thing ..She use to cry so to do that do it gradually that the kid doesn't even understand his mind is distracted from that thing or else. i  give her more attractive or distracting thing. And if she is watching something like songs, first thing is i never put anything on auto play whenever songs r in auto play then it becomes more difficult to move thing away. At present my daughter has in her miind that... As one song finishes that's it she knows nothing will come until its clicked upon . When i used to watch anything when i was a kid and my mom.. ...would stop it in the middle i used to feel very bad .i let her finish ,whatever she is watching then only i stop it or take it away at our time things( cartoons) use to come only once.. at particular time. Then we cannot see it later but situations are different now, My daughter is a bit small to get this now things will always remain there anytime u can access n watch that thing then u can make them stop at that time .

  •  keep unique toys for going outdoors they should not be the same one as at home .For car n outdoor visits keep different toys n here u have to take help of screens coz there are not many things in your hand. I try that such situations don't develop may be that's y it has not happened yet .I keep her well fed before going outdoors also take snacks for eating outdoors also when 

  • The kid gets tired even while u r holding them their muscles are active sometimes it takes hours in our monthly grocery shopping before winding up

 I would like to say i always keep two things in mind how i used to be and how i use to think when i was a child and the other thing is and i always keep or put myself in my daughter place

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