Today i am going to talk about flight travels...I will give u some general ideas,tips,and tricks about

How to do packing?  

What all things to take?

How to manage kids during the flight? 

How to plan your travel ?

And more like this

so lets begin ...

First of all let's talk on how to plan a travel..

   Only on one thing i want to put emphasis. Choose a direct flight coz kids have lot of problem during ascend and descend. If in your travel their are extra stops. Then the number of ascend and descend increase. That is number of times it takes off and lands. That many times kid's will have problem they get ear pain so try to avoid such kind of flights. 
Flying with a baby

Next thing is which we experienced in our travels 

is that whenever u book a ticket just find out that whether it is a propeller flight or it is a jet engine flight. Jet planes are comparatively huge larger planes so not much turbulence is felt and the flight is comparatively smooth. 

Flying with a baby

Next thing that i would say is whichever airline u select ..before selecting or booking just check their infant policy 

every airline has different airline policy some provide different facilities. Usually kids below two year are not provided seat after two years you will be charged for seat and u will get a seat. But below two years all airlines have different policy some charge minimum or some charge percentage of adult fare they use to charge or they provide different amenities or facilities. Some airlines provide bassinets if u request in advance or they even give u a stroller or baby carrier or child carriers different airline have their exclusive infant policy...u can call their customer care and ask them their infant policy or u can go online on their website where it will be available. 

Next we will talk about seat selection

What i have found that if you want to breastfeed. If u have breastfeeding baby then prefer to take the window seats. There get good privacy u can easily breastfeed your kid. But if u have a toddler then try to have an aisle seat because toddler need to move we can't keep them in a confined spaces they have to move so either take along aisle or in front where there is leg space...there u can take the seats...Yes but front seats are charged extra so you have to shed a little bit of extra money and u have to take front seats when u are ordering bassinet coz nowhere else it can be placed so have to select the front seats. 

If u talk about turbulence 

then it is said that scientifically along the wing portion that is if you sit in the middle then you feel the turbulence least. Rather in tail portion or in the front portion you feel turbulence more and 

If we talk about ear popping 

then through out the flight itis similar. Whether u sit in front or middle or at back. The pressure is same all along. Ear popping and ear pain is same in flight everywhere. If u ask me personally then i use to hate sitting near to bathrooms/lavatory coz when u sit there. People use to frequently move around so there use to be lot of disturbances and privacy was also less so i never preferred sitting at the back or front. 

Plus in back seats along with bathroom disturbance and turbulence. There is cabin crew present. Their food trolley and everything is there so backseats i will never recommend to u when u are traveling with baby or toddler rather prefer middle or from middle to front seats u can select any seat and if breastfeeding select window seat and with toddler select the aisle seat...

Next thing that i would say is do web check-in..

Before starting from home or few hours before u can do web check-in through internet. So that if suppose there is a delay...with kids it does happen. So then u don't have to worry. If your check-in is done then definitely they will hold on for you. 

Next is how to pack the diaper bag. 

When i pack diaper bag i usually use to categorize it into small individual kits. 

Like diaper changing things..

 I  use to keep them within the diaper bag. But in a separate small pouch a transparent one so that i can easily visualize. In that i use to pack the diapers, sanitizers and wipes plus the changing mats. 

 Make a separate feeding kit. 

With all food needed for kids to carry along for travel or flight that i use to pack separately...

Pack clothes which are used during travel. 

One change of cloth at least and sometimes more i use to keep separate plus i use to keep a small first aid kit also. 

You can add or minus things according to you..thatis up to u ..but try that. You very minimally and very properly organize it so that whenever are in need of a particular thing then there no hustle or any problem. Plus whoever is traveling with u just tell them where which thing is kept when u are packing it..n

Always keep a change of clothes for yourself also.

Bcoz kids vomit sometimes especially in flight it happens. So keep a change of clothes for yourself...or keep extra towels and wipes already have. So that u can cleanup the mess...

 When u are packing food for your baby just don't worry about the amount of liquid.

 There is mostly no restriction in carrying baby food. That u can carry only specific ml of fluid’s can carry as mochas u want. And I will say keep a little food for yourself also..coz after breastfeeding. Mothers feel hungry and we all know during flights their food is charged so high so its better pack something for yourself thing that i strongly recommend and i prefer myself taking is.

How to take the stroller while traveling. 

If small kids are there u can take pram or u can keep sling also or a baby carrier..i invested in a very light weight and manageable stroller. So that i can very easily carry it along during my travels. This can be very easily folded and u can put very easily with your luggage u can easily keep in car. Any type of car. To whenever i travel i try to take stroller. During flight travels these airports are so huge plus you have ur luggage and handbags. And for kids also to stay on lap is difficult. So if u let them lay in the stroller then they are also very comfortable and cozy. And good thing is when u take ur own stroller then it's weight is not included with your luggage weight. So it is a good u reach the counter where u take the boarding pass. Just tell them that u have got a stroller or pram then they will give u a tag. Then u have to just put that tag on your stroller. So from the entry point till the security check-in.My daughter  use to sit in stroller. She use to be also very comfortable and cozy and after that during the security check-in i use to take her in my hands. There stroller needs to be passed through security scan so at time we use to divide our work. Either run use to do the security checking of handbags and i use to go to my personal security check along with my daughter and go to the other side. And again we use to open the stroller ..u know many times kids fall asleep. In such times taking a stroller makes it so easy otherwise carrying a sleeping baby along with yourself and luggage’s/handbags check-in becomes very difficult that is why i am so strongly recommending a stroller. After that when u reach near flight there u can give it to the crew. They themselves comets u and then they use to take the stroller they fold it and they use to send it along with the luggage’s. If u are going through the tunnel way then u can directly give but if u are going through bus then u can fold it in the bus and when u reach near flight can give it to the ground staff...and the tag that they gave earlier to hang on stroller. From that they use to tear a slip and give it to u..that u have to safely keep. So that when reach ur destination u can show it and they will bring back your stroller. Yes when reach to your destination u tell you inform your cabin crew about your stroller then they will inform the ground staff. Then they will quickly bring it to u as u reach down. Once it happened to us when we informed them a little late. Then they placed it in the luggage belt. 

Which kind of clothes should you take for kid's when u r having flight travel..

I observed that during a flight journey. At different point of time different temperature is there. Temperature variations happen. Airport is a bit cool. When enter flight during take off its a bit warm..n after that during flights it is so i would like to say and prefer that make them wear clothes in layer so that according to climate u can remove one layer and if its cold again u can put that layer back. Than you can also carry a mini blanket when its too cold then u can just place the blanket. . 
Invest in a good maternity or breastfeeding gown or u can wear loose camisole type of top. Or u can take a cloak or a shawl. About the feeding i would like to say. Feed them at home before starting and after that when your security check-in is done after that can go to child care room. It’s there in every airport. Child care or breastfeeding room...there u can do a diaper change if needed with a small session of breastfeeding..i would again say that don't overfeed only feed them normal according to there need..coz with overfeeding there is more risk of vomiting. So feed them very light. And about the diaper changing. Take separate kit so that when u specifically need to diaper change it doesn't mix up wither other things’ don't have problem in finding particular things. First diaper change u Cand in child care room and second u may have to do in flight. For that in the bathrooms there is a tray/table for diaper changing or if the flight is a little empty and there are not many passengers. Then in such times cabin crew people suggested us to go to backseats where there were no passengers. There we could lay the baby over changing mat and do diaper change...and as i said try to feed them light to avoid any big poop incident sand u can easily diaper change. 

Ear popping /ear pain is the most notorious aspect of flight travel. 

We also suffer plus kids also suffer. Basically u have to make the baby suck on anything. It can anything. Either breastfeed them or bottle-feed them. Either formula or plain water ..or give them any toy which they love to suck or teether or pacifier or training brush of kid's that also u can give and for little older kids..u can give them lollipops. A little sour ones. That u can give ..they are also helpful with motion sickness. 

Next important thing is how to keep them entertained during the flight. 

For toddlers especially its difficult to make them stay in a constrained space. So i use to carry out of his toys. Mainly activity toys i use to prefer more. Plus in YouTube i use to download her favorite songs plus i use to keep her engaged around the environment also..coz new things are around. Pamphlets kept there and to see across the window. Sun clouds that all i use to show him. So basically u have to keep them engaged can also carry one of their favorite book or any new thing. New item. A new toy. Or new book. That keeps them engaged for a very long time. They are intrigued by the new thing. And to engage toddlers can walk along the aisle. Then their irritation from constrained space is relieved. They like it..and personally we noticed that. In all flights. That morning flights whenever we have daughter use to be very happy-go-lucky. She use to be in a good mood. He also finishes up his night sleep during morning journeys were very smooth even afternoon travels were fine. But whenever we traveled in the evening or little late in evening then she always use to be. This is our personal experience it may vary from baby to baby...yes i tried to not let her sleep before journey. So when we use to reach airport or during flight house to finish her sleep. Thus half journey she use to be asleep as rest use to go smoothly. 

And one more thing i want to mention that whenever i traveled with my daughter when she was a baby and now when she is a toddler. The whole flight staff. Whether be ground crew or the cabin crew. Everyone. Even the passengers who use to travel along. They have been like so supportive means in worst situations they been very sympathetic. Very helpful. So really i would like to thank. And really i want to mention that. So that was it..i have tried to compile all my experiences..
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