Easy Tips To Make Toddler Haircuts Comfortable And Stress-Free

 Looking for your toddler haircuts, here how to deal with it.

Before the lockdown started, I took my princess to get her haircut at a normal hair salon and it was a complete disaster for me. I am walking into the salon like a crazy woman carrying my 2years plus toddler and a huge bag stuffed with snacks, tablets, an toys too.

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Thanks to god, we were the only customers at the time. I just sat one of the chair and trying to calm my kid down, and getting the mobile to play a cartoon, it was quite a scene.

God bless the women or the barbers who worked at the salon at that time, they all were so understanding and helpful too,

Sitting down at the salon and getting a hair cut is still a pretty new experience for my princess. Haircuts is so difficult for children (especially when if your kiddos are like mine and sensory sensitive also).

They may feel uncomfortable with hair products, clippers, scissors, hair dryers, smocks. They feel itchy when, hair falling on their necks.

It's true that, toddler haircuts are something that we will always have to deal with, So that I’ve put a few tips together to make it easier for everyone and every parents.


Must bring comfort items from your home. 

A soft familiar towel with clothes pins is more comforting that the salon cape.  You should pack their favorite stuffed animal or lovey to help them feel safe and happy.

You should pick the best time for your child to go. 

This time may be in the morning or after a nap , what ever it can. You should call the salon and schedule an appointment during their non peak time. If your kids really struggles a lot with new places or area, it may be a good option to visit the salon before toddler haircuts. It helps to get them familiar with the area.

Ask for help if you want

This particular one point is super hard for me, because my husband and family are working and unable to help. But scheduling a proper time where I have an extra set of hands is so important. You should talk with the barbers before you go, so that they are aware that certain things may really bother them,

Examples- the  annoying sound of clippers or spraying their hair with water.  You should Come with preparation with the look you’re wanting, so the hairstylist or the barbers can get started right away.

Role play and be intentional with words. 

You should talk about what to expect at the salon. Like pretend to give each other haircuts or practice on stuffed animals. You can explain that they will be wearing a “cape” and talk about spraying their hair.

The word “cut” may cause confusion to your kids or make them nervous too, so try to use words like trim or “get cool hair”.

Offer snacks before and during the process

For the most part if the kids are offered a snack or chocolate, ( still know they are harmful) they will sit still enough for the hairdresser to finish cutting their hair.

Praise your child.

This particular point  can be the most stressful time for you, but also for them. During most difficult times our kids turn to us to gage how they should respond. Did they move around the whole time and end up with a bad haircut?  You should Praise them for sitting through it. Secondly Did they cry the whole time? Praise them for sticking through something hard. Offer them a good reward when they finished, and acknowledge that you all did your best

Book in for toddler haircuts

If your kids is apprehensive about getting a haircut, it can be daunting for them to have to sit and wai up to an hour, watching other people have machines, and that go around their head,
 Booking an appointment in salon in advance is a great way to remove the long waiting and often costs nothing extra. Many shops prefer this previous appointment as they want you to have a stress free visit and like to know the kids have left happy.

Bring their favourite Toy:

Due to some short attention span most toddler’s have a distraction, it can be very beneficial for you, For this reason if they have a  particular favourite toy that they can play with while they have their hair cut, they are far more likely to leave a much smarter kid.  The hair dresser or the barbers may need to spend a few minutes doing the intricate work around the back of the neck and behind the ears, during this two time the standard of the hair cut is greatly increased if the child is mesmerized by their favorite toy, book or maybe something like their favourite character on a smartphone,

One person should take charge

A toddler is accompanied by more than one family member, but it’s so crucial that only one person is left to stand with the child (if that is necessary at all).  If mother is on one side and Dad is on the other side it is hard for the hair dresser to move effectively around the chair. Your kids will also take the advantage to look at their mother, then their father, then their mother, then their father and so on causing the hair dresser to do a funny dance chasing the kids head around.  Before coming along in the Salon, it is good to decide who is going to be responsible for settling the kid if needed and you must stick to it.

Bring them to have their hair combed

Most of the hair dresser would happily comb a child’s hair for no cost. It can be a great step towards a stress free first toddler haircuts.  By combing their hair, a level of trust will emerge between the hair dresser and the toddler.  
Combing the hair without cutting it on the first occasion can lay all the groundwork for a stress free and higher quality haircuts.  If a child is happy to have his hair combed by the hair dresser and sit still the barber can produce a far higher standard of work. It's not forget able that the barber uses many sharp and very precise tools.  When it comes to a kids that is moving around a lot they will try their best but they may not be able to produce their most detailed work for safety reasons

How often should a toddler boy haircuts are done?

If your toddler have shorter haircuts, then it will need to be trimmed every four to six weeks to maintain the style. You can also get away with longer breaks between trims if your little one is rocking a longer should just keep in mind that it will vary with how fast your child's hair grows.

Does cutting toddler hair help it grow?

Some of parents often says that they shave their baby's head because it will make their hair grow more thicker. But their is no scientific reason to it. 


These is very uncommon to have a toddlers come in for haircut and sit completely still from start to finish.  The hair dresser expects to be working on a moving target and this is completely normal too.

If you follow the above tips, then I am sure the salon visits will be seamless for you as a parents. After visiting the salon, it is always good to reward the kids in some way so they associate a haircut with rewards.  

As a parents you should give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work, and for getting the kids through a salon visit. But the hard work isn’t over.  Before they forget who the hair dresser is and decide they no longer want a haircut, book them back in and make haircuts part of their routine.


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