You are a new parent?
Yes, I Know

You are overwhelmed as how to take care of your new Little one !

You don’t have a family around to help you, guide you , shoulder your burden of raising your little bundle of joy!

You are bewildered to start solid foods for your baby, reason being you hear so many suggestions on the weaning process !! Thanks to the nosy neighbours and internet!!

You are about to start work and have no clue as how to manage your baby’s diet requirements while you are away?

You are feeling guilty that your little one is not getting the adequate nutrition he or she requires.

Lots of new mommies are struggling with in raising their baby without a proper person to advice or nurture their feelings.

After seeing so many posts about caring and feeding babies from distressed new mommies in Facebook Mommy forums.

I’ve finally decided to do something about it !!

I want to guide and hold your hand while you raise your little one and be there for you when you want to know all of your questions !

I started THE MAMMA'S DIARIES to guide you how to care for your little one, how to start solids, what food to give when, whether to give a vaccine or not, home remedies for every possible ailment your little one may suffer — everything you need to know about raising your baby.

By the time I'M done, you will be confident in making the right choices about health needs, nutrition and everything that is needed to make your life easier with a baby.

You will not worry over your baby’s food strike, nor about his everlasting fussiness for foods, temper tantrums and you will be One Cool Mom !!

"THE MAMMA'S DIARIES" is the complete resource for parents, and parents to be, taking you from pregnancy to newborns.I offer evidence-based content, you can trust on this topics about looking after yourself as a parent.

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